Chapter 53

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I call Dave hoping he will answer.

"Hello" he answers right away

"Davie" I greet him

"O God" he sighs "how did you get my number?"

"Your mother" I smirk "I didn't know you were still living with her?"

"It's temporary" he huffs

"Sure sure" I laugh

"Is there a reason your calling me?" He asks

"Yes I need a favor"

He starts laughing "your joking right? I already did you a favor I let you go remember?"

"Well technically I would of got a away anyway but I didn't want to hurt you and upset your mother"

He sighs "what do you want?" He gives in

"There's a party tomorrow" I start saying

"No way!" He cuts me off

"Why not!" I pout

"Because your father will be there and you know how hard it will be to get you in" he tells me

"But I know your good enough to get us in" I sweet talk him

"Don't sweet talk me I know I'm good but I'm not that good"

"Please" I beg and when he doesn't say anything I turn away from everyone and whisper into the phone "I'll bring you know who"

That gets his attention "how?"

"I'm really good" I smirk knowing he'll definitely help now

"Fine" he gives in

"Thank you so much and oh after this I'm supposed to have dinner at yours and your mothers house" I tell him

"Whatever" he mutter

"Your the best" I say and hang up

"Okay he's helping" I tell everyone

"Really?" Kate looks at me with shock "how did you get him to help?"

"O uh" I look away from her "just sweet talked him" I clear my throat

"I got you girls dresses" Macy tells us

"Yay" Caroline smiles like this is going to be fun

"Your not coming" I tell her

"What!" Her jaw drops

"It's too dangerous"

"I can handle myself" she says putting her hands on her hips

"Hitting Joshua with a lamp doesn't count" I say "this men are dangerous"

"They have my dad Sam" she says tearing up

"Yeah but your dad would kill me if I let anything happen to you" I plead with her

"I'm not just going to sit here while you guys risk your lives" she says

"I'll watch her while we are there and I can teach her a couple of basic moves so she can defend herself" Joshua buts in, I glare at him while Caroline smiles

"I don't know" I mutter

"Just let him teach me some things and then you'll see that I can handle myself somewhat" she says to me

"Okay" I sigh because arguing with Caroline is no use she too stubborn

"When did I become the responsible and reasonable one" I mumble to myself

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