Chapter 29

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he knows! what do I do?

"I don't know what your talking about" I lie but I know he won't believe me

"You know you actually look a lot alike" he says looking at me closely "You know I didn't even tell the boss yet because I had to know the story from you first it's just sounds so juicy"

I look over in the corner of my eye and see one of his little henchman bitches move closer to us.

"The cars here" the little henchman bitch tells Christopher

Christopher sighs "okay I'll tell you the story when I see you next time" he tells him

I see the guy grab Joshua.

"What are you doing!" I ask frantic

"O well we did warn tom that this may happen" he shrugs

"Don't touch him" I scream as the guy takes Joshua outside to the car

"Toms going to kill you!" I glare at him

He laughs "enough about your boyfriend tom let's finish the story, so tell us who you really are because we know your not the real Caroline so who are you and why would you want to act like your her?" he says like he's confused

"You really want to know who I am" I chuckle lightly

Christopher leans closer to me ready to finally hear the story.

I lean closer to him "I'm your worst nightmare" I say then smile

He looks confused but I don't give him time to think, I head butt him as hard as I can and then punch him in the nose breaking it which makes him fall to the ground,I step on his ankle and twist breaking it.

I grab the lamp next to me and chunk it at one of the guys head.

One of the guys hits me in the face, he try's to do it again and I block it easily. I see one of the guys grab their guns I quickly grab this guys arm and twist it behind his back using him as a shield, The guy keep shooting but ends up shooting him instead.

I shove the guys dead body at him and kick the guy in the nuts making him fall to the ground, I then grab his head and twist as hard as I can breaking it.

I look at one of the other guy he has a knife in his hand I quickly kick it out of it and run to the fireplace

"what are you going to do little girl" he mocks me

I grab one of the fireplace pokes and stab him quickly.

One more of the henchmen's left.

He pushes me to the wall and punches me in the stomach making fall to the ground, I kick his legs from underneath him making him fall to the ground.

I get up quickly and push the tv on top of him killing him as well.

I see Christopher crawling away trying to escape.

I step in front of him and kick him in he face.

"Crazy bitch" he spats at me

"Yeah I am" I squat down and grab a handful of his hair and jerk his head up so we can look at each other

"Now where did they take Joshua?" I ask him

"Go to hell" he says, I sigh a punch him again knocking some teeth out

"I've been there and the devil spit me back out" I smile I can feel the old me slowly coming out

"Now I'm going to ask you again and if you don't give me a answer I will make your death a slow painful one" I tell him

"They took him to the boss. Just like they took the real Caroline there too" he smiles a toothless smile

"Where is his place?" I ask trying not to get upset

After all this they still took her

"I don't even know so your just going to have to kill me"

I stand up and grab a gun off the floor, I shoot him 2 times in the head.

I sit on the couch trying not to cry they took Joshua and Caroline what am I going to do?

I hear the door open and hear the guys walk in laughing and then they are go silent.

"Umm Caroline why are there dead bodies everywhere?" Michael asks me

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