Chapter 55

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Today is the day...... My last chance to leave and never look back......... I'm sure that's exactly what my father wants me to do he likes knowing I'm scared of him, but I want him to see my face before he goes back into his little cell and becomes someone's little bitch. I'm finally going to be free of him for once and for all.

"I know what your thinking" Kate says coming up behind me making me jump

"And what's that?"I say taking away any emotion from my face

"You wondering if you should just leave" she says like it's obvious "honestly that would be the smart move"

"You and me both know I don't play it smart" I say

"Have you thought about what happens after this is all over?" She asks me and fold her arms "do you really expect to have a white picket fence kind of life?"

"No" I shake my head "but I'm tired of running and having my father control me and I want him to run and be scared for a change" I say getting worked up

I see Kate smirk "there she is"

"A part of me wants to go back to how it was when I started living with Keith and Caroline and just be normal but that's not who I am I do actually enjoy being in charge and back in the game" I say being honest

"People like us we can't do normal it's not in us" she shrugs

"I don't know what is going to happen after this is over, I'm just trying to get through the next hour and stay alive" I sigh

"I understand" she nods

We walk out of Kate's bedroom and into the living room, I'm already dressed in a simple low cut black dress, as soon as I walk out Michael whistles at me and Cody gives me a wink.

"Shut up" I playfully roll my eyes

I walk over to tom and tap him on the back of his shoulder as he turns towards me I notice his jaw drop a little and his eyes widen a little.

"You like" I smirk

He clears his throat "more than like" he smirks

I look over and notice Joshua can't take his eyes off of Caroline.

"Caroline you look amazing" I say to her

"Thank you" she smiles at me

"Don't you think so Joshua" I smirk at him

"Yes you look beautiful " he says blushing

"Okay good luck guys" Macy says to us getting ready to leave

I nudge Michael hinting for him to go talk to her.

"I'm going I'm going" he mumbles to me and walks over

"It was nice to meet you" Michael says to Macy

"It was nice meeting all of you guys and thanks again" Macy says smiling at him

"M-Maybe after all this and I don't die maybe I could come check on you" he says stuttering

"Yeah I would really like that " she says putting a piece of hair behind her ear

"And uh maybe we could" he says stopping looking a lost for words

"Do I have to do everything" I mutter and walk over to him "he would like to take you to dinner" I say to Macy for Michael

"Really" she smiles at him

"Yeah" he smiles back

"Okay my jobs done" I smile and walk away

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