Chapter 40

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"Okay do you have everything?" Macy asks me

"Yeah I think so" I tell her

I put a black short wig on my head.

"Not bad" Michael smirks

"Thanks" I smile

"Okay do you guys remember the plan?" Tom asks everyone

"Yeah" we all say at the same time

"Good luck" Macy tells us and I notice her smile at Michael

As soon as she walks to her room I go over to Michael.

"Someone's got a crush" I smirk

"Do you think she actually likes me?" He asks me serious

"Yeah it's kind of obvious" I say like duh

"Let's go" tom tells us

We all get in the car and drive to the bosses house.

I have to admit I'm a little scared, I left this life a long time ago and now I'm right back in it and it comes natural to me.

I look at tom, he's focus on the road I can tell he's in deep thought, I wonder if he would actually like me if he knew everything about me? I'm so used to keeping secrets that I don't know what's the truth or what's the lie I just made up.

Please be okay Caroline and Joshua.......

We pull over and Cody and Michael climb in the trunk.

"Ready?" Tom ask me


We pull up to the gate where the security is

"Can we help you?" One of the guards asks tom

"Here" I don't bother with small talk I just hand him my badge

He looks at it then me thankfully I had sunglasses on so you really can't see my face

"Okay go on it" he tells me

We go through the gate and park.

"You ready?" Tom asks me

"Yeah" I nod "and tom?"


"Be careful" I tell him

"You too" he says giving me a little smile

We get out and tom let's the boys out of the trunk.

"Not fun being in the trunk huh?" I smirk at Cody and Michael

"Okay you go around back" tom tells them

Me and tom walk up to the door where there's more guards.

I show them my I.D and we walk into the house , the house is huge this boss man who ever he is, is definitely loaded.

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