My Crazy Lover {Completed} by iqra_ldn
My Crazy Lover {Completed}by iqra_ldn
Highest ranking:#1 in Graphic (16/05/18) Highest ranking:#1 in Betrayal (1/07/18) Highest ranking:#1 in Cries (14/07/18) Highest ranking:#1 in Psycho (6/08/18) Highest r...
  • psychokiller
  • homeless
  • submissive
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The Devil Who Owns Me by JoAnDi17
The Devil Who Owns Meby Joan Briones Dimaculangan
Trisha is being haunted by her pasts she wanted to forget. They keep coming back and she knows she needed to face them in order to move on. But what if one of it makes h...
  • devilish
  • romance
  • billionaire
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Submission by korielyn
Submissionby korielyn
Highest ranking #1 as on 4th July 2017 "Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission. Into HIS submission. I am not...
  • possessive
  • cliffhangers
  • anxiety
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Kaden by chasingnewdreams
Kadenby chasingnewdreams
When you live in a town that's mostly ran by a motorcycle gang, what do you do? Try and avoid them and do not attract attention. At least that's what I do. But what do y...
  • danger
  • possessive
  • guns
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Il Mio by numianvore
Il Mioby ℵumian
BOOK ONE OF THE IL MIO SERIES: "What is it that you want from me?" I cried, tears spilled down my face onto my lap. His rough finger lifted my head up to loo...
  • betrayal
  • lies
  • romance
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My Dark Angel by TaniMT
My Dark Angelby TaniMT.
Highest Rank : #18 in general fiction. (29/08/16) DEAD Bullet went straight through his chest. My Dad was shot in front of me. He was shot because he was protecting me. ...
  • mafia
  • suspense
  • guns
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My Beast (Completed) by SignorinaAnon
My Beast (Completed)by Anon
Part vampire. Part demon. Part werewolf. He's the most feared creature out there. His name alone causes people to tremble with fear. I didn't know him or any o...
  • possessive
  • romance
  • werewolf
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Gang Leader E.G.D by 23wyant
Gang Leader E.G.Dby BrokenEmoKid
Mafia is there name. It has 10 people, they are the strongest, riches, dangerous gang out there. One day the leader saw a beautiful girl at there school. He couldn't sto...
  • dolantwins
  • gangleaders
  • alchole
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Racing With Everything (Racing #1) by MidnightDiva
Racing With Everything (Racing #1)by Ræ
Book One " I need a favor from you" he said and I gulped as he stood up from the desk and walked over to me looking me right in the eye, I walked back a littl...
  • bullied
  • football
  • heartbreak
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The Boss takes A Wife by tamlaura1
The Boss takes A Wifeby Heather Teston
Cover made by XxNytjiexX -- Gabriel Maestri at the age of twenty-nine is one of Italy's youngest and wealthiest businessmen, owning sev...
  • possessive
  • arrangedmarriage
  • jealously
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His Moon by monochromemonotone
His Moonby Maggie
|| In his eyes, she glowed. Her pale skin was like a canvas, just waiting for him to paint it with his dark colors. She was his moon and his hope. || Kaia'...
  • pack
  • darkness
  • human
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Chasing Stars - A Midnight Mafia Novel by ObsceneIrrationality
Chasing Stars - A Midnight Mafia N...by R.A. Franco
Completed Book two of the Midnight Mafia Trilogy Katherine Santoro has done the unthinkable. She's fallen in love with the leader of one of the five largest mafia's in t...
  • dangerous
  • danger
  • mafia
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The Boy With The Broken Wings | ✓ by IzzyBae20
The Boy With The Broken Wings | ✓by isabelle
❝His love roared louder than her demons.❞ | ~ • ~ | Nessa Coleman wishes she was like any other 17-year-old girl out there. But unfortunately for her, not every 17-year...
  • hurt
  • fallen
  • paranormal
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The Fight For Love | ✓  by trinitystories_xo
The Fight For Love | ✓ by trinity sunalee
#1 in Teen Fiction, Action, & New Adult ❤︎ ❝Sometimes falling for the enemy is inevitable❞ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ When Anastasia Stone gets betrayed by her best guy friend, also known...
  • action
  • romance
  • mystery
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The Trouble with Love by JJJiangx
The Trouble with Loveby JJ Jiang
❝The higher you go, the harder you fall.❞ Elena Evans has always been the observer. No one notices her, but she sees everything. The Elite. Beautiful, spoiled, excl...
  • trust
  • secrets
  • billionaire
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Suo Angelo by mediocreheroine
Suo Angeloby ✨ sophia ✨
"I will ravish you, Genevieve. I will taint your body. Are you prepared for that?" "Yes." • • • They know they can't be together, yet they fight f...
  • agegap
  • mature
  • mafia
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The Silent Ones [✔️] (#2 in the Chilvati Series) by DELynch43
The Silent Ones [✔️] (#2 in the Ch...by D. E. Lynch
[COMPLETED]****Spoiler Alert**** Please read The Dangerous Ones (#1 in the Chilvati Series) before reading this blurb!!! Both books can be found on my profile page. All...
  • passion
  • featured
  • relationship
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Bound by crimsondragin
Boundby crimsondragin
Highest rank #1 General fiction 14th August 2017 Two mafia families. An age old rivalry between them. No one could bring them together and at peace......or so people th...
  • criminal
  • possessive
  • obsessive
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Alejandro's Prey| ✔️| *Completed* by Wotthot
Alejandro's Prey| ✔️| *Completed*by -.-
|Completed| Best ranked: #14 in Adventure| My phone rang again and this time, in anger, I answered with a forced, sweet voice. "Hello?" "Angel, come here...
  • badboys
  • dangerous
  • love
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Screams in New York - Book Three by Sicilian-Sensation
Screams in New York - Book Threeby Sicilian Sensation
"What the heck!?" Adriana let out stunned now suddenly aware of her very exposed position. Her black two piece bikini underneath the sheer gold bathing suit co...
  • trilogy
  • italian
  • romance
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