Chapter 28

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"We should of done this sooner but I had to wait until all the guys were away so we can talk in private. You really have those boys wrapped around your finger exspacially tom" Christopher laughs shaking his head "I've also notice that you've grown fond of them too" he smirks

He looks at his men and start talking in Russian thankfully that's one of the languages that I know.

"We need her to talk torture her if you have to or even kill the boy if you think that will do it. I want answers!" Christopher says to them in Russian

He looks back at me "we aren't leaving without some information"

Tom hurry up and come home!

"As you know the man we all work for wants answers and when he wants something he gets it no matter what. Like when he wanted to hurt your father he knew exactly what to do he took one of the things he loves most in this world and that's you Caroline"

I don't say anything.

"He never intended for you to stay this long he thought you would of cracked by now but i guess your stronger than what people think. It doesn't help that you made the people who kidnapped you want to protect you I have to admit your very good. The boss is actually impressed" he smirks at me

Again I say nothing.

"Now tell me about the safe?" He squats down so we are eye level

"I don't know what your talking about" I tell him

That earns me a slap.

I see Joshua next to me squirming trying to get out of his retrains.

"O I know you don't know anything about the safe" he laughs but I'm confused even more now

"You know I couldn't wrap my head around how a girl who never leaves her house who is sheltered. takes fucking etiquette classes every day could actually stand to be slapped in the face for example and not cry and manipulate these boys into doing what ever you want I just don't understand do you?" He looks at Joshua who's giving him a dirty look

But I don't know if I like where this is heading.

"So I started going over all your files relearning everything about you and still nothing was adding up so I had my people before they were assigned to another job which is weird don't you think?" He looks at me "anyway before one of them left he snuck into the house trying to see if he could find anything and what do you think he found" he smirks at me which makes me gulp

"The real Caroline" he says

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