Chapter 41

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"Okay try to be as quiet as you can and if you get caught just say your looking for the bathroom" tom tells me I know he's worried

"We need to be quick" I say even though I don't want to leave without Caroline or some clue to where her and Joshua are

Me and tom start opening every door we pass trying to find Caroline and Joshua.

"I don't see them" tom says growing frustrated

"I'm going to go upstairs" I tell Tom

I go upstairs and try opening door while being as quiet as possible, I open another door which was a big mistake because someone's in this room.

"Sorry looking for the bathroom" I say and look down I know the person is probably wondering why I have sunglasses on in a house.

"It's okay sweetheart" a guy says

I start walking out but he walks up behind me and grabs my waist and holds me in place.

"You don't have to be shy Macy I know you know where the bathroom is" he whispers as he starts to kissing my neck

"No seriously it was a mistake" I say trying to keep my Macy act up because she doesn't seem like the type to be into this.

"Sure" the guy chuckles, but for some reason this guy seems familiar I don't know why?

"Why do you have sunglasses on? Have a little to much fun last night?" He laughs

"A little" I laugh nervously

He turns me around fast and smiles at me or I think he is its honestly hard to see out of this sunglasses.

"Why don't we have a little fun before the boss come back huh?" He smirks

"No I'm okay thanks though" I say awkwardly

He doesn't loosen his grip.

I hear his phone go off and he answers it but still leaves one hand on my waist.

"Yeah?" He says slightly irritated probably because they are interrupting "o yeah?"
"Okay I'll be right there" he says and hangs up

"Sorry about that" he tells me

All I do is nod.

"One more thing before I go" he says almost to himself

He takes my sunglasses off really quickly making me gasp not expecting him to do that.

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