Chapter 51

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"So this guy that's doing all this is your father?" Caroline asks me trying to understand

"Yep" I sigh

"Is he as scary as everyone says he is?" Cody asks me

"Scarier" I tell him "and he is always a step ahead and has a back up plan and a back up for his back up plan"

"So we know that he wants this city for himself" tom says

"He always has a lot of people supporting him" Michael adds

"But he does have a weakness" tom points out

"He does?" I say confused

"You" tom says to me

"Me?" I look at him like he's crazy

"Yes you know your father better than anyone you know how he thinks" he says

That is true.

"It's not going to be easy to take a man like him down"I tell them

I look at Caroline and I know she's worried about her father, Keith has been there for me since the day I've met him I have to help him.

"Okay but you guys do realize how dangerous this is" I remind them

"We are in the Mafia" tom reminds me again

"I know I know" I put my hands up in defeat

"Okay Macy is there any kind of events coming up?" I ask her

"Actually yes tomorrow night" she says remembering

Figures my father does love to throw a party.

"Okay that's our chance so we need to make sure we are all ready by then" I tell everyone

"I'll get all the information for you" Macy says in a way that's she's excited to contribute

"We need to make sure we have as many weapons as possible along with fake Id's and clothes for tomorrow" tom tells the guys

"I'll get the clothes" Joshua says

"I'll do the Id's" Michael says

"I'm weapons" Cody says

"Okay we need to get started like right now" I say standing up

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