Chapter 37

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"I'm going to go to my room" I tell tom not knowing what to do.

I stand up and start walking to my room, tom starts walking behind me. I thought he would stop at his room but he follows me to mine.

Once we are both in my room I turn to him "can I help you?" I fold my arms

"Listen I get you don't trust us but we don't trust you either the only thing we know about you is your name if that's even true, but we need to put all of that aside to work together if we are going to get my brother and the real Caroline back" he says

"Just so you know my name is really Samatha and you should understand with all the secrecy I mean you haven't told me to much stuff about you" I tell him

"I know" he sighs "I guess we are more alike than I thought"

"I guess we are" I agree

We stare at one an other not knowing what to say.

"Daisies are my favorite flower and I love baking, before Caroline no one had taught me how to cook. I grew up surrounded by men, Caroline is my first friend I've ever had and I wish I was her most of the time I wish I had her life but I don't and I'm okay with it now" I tell him

"Why are you telling me this?" He asks confused

"Because that's all I know about myself pretty pathetic huh" I laugh nervously

"Have you met me? I'm moody and too serious and i don't stop and enjoy the moment I think about what bad thing that could happened next because that's how I grew up. So I get it" he tells me and smiles a little

I smile a little happy we are connecting.

"I'm sorry I lied I actually like you guys" I laugh

"We actually like you too" he smirks

"We will find them" I say determined

"I know we will" he nods equally as determined

"Goodnight Samatha" he smiles a little

"Goodnight tom" I smile back

He closes the door behind him, I walk up and open the door to see if he locked me in and he didn't which makes me happy.

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