Chapter 25

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That was a waste of time I got nothing and I almost set the whole house on fire

But I did get two phone numbers and a address maybe if I can get Joshua's phone again and call Keith and I can tell him what I found.

The guys all left to go do some kind of job.

I had already snuck another knife from the kitchen before tom hid them from me, I grab the knife from underneath the mattress

I use it and unlock the door.

I go to Joshua's room and start going through his stuff trying to find his cell phone.

I finally found it in his dresser door.

I put in Monica's number again she's the only one of Keith's employees that I can trust.

"Hello" she greets

"Monica it's me again get Keith" I say quickly not wanting to be on the phone for to long

"Yes of course" she says

I wait a a minute or two.

"Samatha are you okay?" Keith says worried

"Yeah I'm okay how are you guys?" I ask

"Yeah just worried about you" he sighs

"Did you get any information about the boss guy?"

"No but we did find some of the moles" he says

"Did you fire them?"

"No that would be to obvious"

"Smart" I say

"I got some phone numbers"  i tell him

"Tell me what they are" he says

I give him the numbers and also the address.

"Let me know if you get anything from them. Also I need information about a Christopher gold" I tell him

"Give me a minute" he says, I then hear a communion in the back ground

"Is it her give me the phone" I hear Caroline voice

"Sammy" I hear her say I can tell she's crying

"Hey Caroline" I say holding back tears

"I'm so so sorry this is all my fault. Tell me where you are and I'm going to come get you" she says

"It's not your fault I'm okay I promise it's kind of like a vacation" i laugh

"Are they treating you okay?"

"Yes they actually treat me good which is weird" I shake my head "these guys are all pretty hot" I laugh,she laughs too

"I miss you" she say

"I miss you too and Keith and little Jeffrey"

"Dads back but call again as soon as you can"

"I promise" I tell her

"Okay Christopher gold has been arrested multiple times and I think he's in the head guys inner circle"

"That's it" I sigh

"That's all I have I'm more thing what ever this guy is planning it's happening soon so get ready"

"Okay thanks for the heads up. I'll be in touch"

"Goodbye Samatha" Keith says

"Bye Sam" I hear Caroline in the background

"Bye" I whisper as i hang up the phone

I quickly delete any trace and put the phone back.

I go back to my room and lock myself back in and put the knife back under the mattress.

Hearing Caroline voice makes me start bawling I just want to protect her I want to save someone.

I hear the door unlock.

"Hey we got Chinese food" I look up and see tom

"What's wrong?" He asks worried "did someone do something to you" I see his hands in a fist

I shake my head because I can't talk.

He walks over and sits on the bed next to me.

I can tell he doesn't know what to do or say, I put my head on his shoulder

He stuffiness up for a second but then relaxes, and He puts his arm around me.

I start crying.

"Sshh" he keeps repeating moving his hand up and down my arm trying to soothe me "I'm sorry" I hear him whisper

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