Chapter 12

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"Ready for bed?" Tom asks me

"Yeah" I yawn

We walk up to my room.

"Tom how long are you going to keep me here" I asks him I need to know to prepare myself

"Like I said until I get further instructions" he says with a clench jaw

"O okay"

He looks like he wants to say something but can't find the words.

"Uh goodnight Caroline" he says

"Goodnight" I give him a small smile

He locks me in for the night.

I wake up the next morning the only reason I know its morning is because of the clock otherwise I wouldn't know since the Windows are all boarded up.

I go to the bathroom and wash my face.

I take one more sniff of the shirt it smells like tom it smells good. I'm glad they can't see me because it would look weird me smelling his shirt.

I quickly change into the clothes they got me the shirt is tight and the shorts are booty shorts guys i bet they did it on purpose.

I do my morning routine of banging on the door to get them to let me out for breakfast, I don't know why they keep locking it I'm not going to escape.

I wonder what town I'm in? I know it's out in the middle of no where not a lot of neighbors but I think there's shopping and stuff not to far away.

"Morning" Joshua smiles at me, it's sad to think about him being in a gang so young but I know tom will protect him they seem close

"Morning handsome" I smile sweetly

I follow him downstairs to the kitchen.

Michael whistles at me while Cody jaw drops.

Joshua won't look anywhere but my eyes but he's still blushing like crazy.

"Morning boys" I smirk and grab a apple

"Morning Caroline" they say at the same time

"What's on the agenda today boys" I say, I drop  my apple of the floor

I bend down slowly just to torture  them.

"Uh" I hear one of them say

"morning" I hear tom come in the kitchen "what are you all doing?" he say then clears his throat

I stand back up and turn around to see them all looking at me.

"What" I say innocently

"I'm back" the guy who's name I still don't know says, he looks at me with disgust

"You need to lock her back up" tom tells the boys

"What again I just got out" I pout

"Sorry cupcake but I need to talk to the guys" he says

"What about boss?" Cody asks  him

"I got a call" he says like thats explanation enough

"Listen you guys go talk in the next room I'll just sit at the table eat my fruit loops and keep quiet I promise" I beg

"Fine but keep quiet and don't move from that spot" he tells me

"Yes sir" I say I see him try not smirk

I sit down and pour me a bowl, they go into the living room.

I try to act like I don't care what there doing but I'm listen closely to what there saying.

"What did he want?" Michael asks

"He wanted to know how everything was going with the girl" tom answers him

" what you say?" Cody asks him

"I told him that she is behaving and hasn't tried to do anything stupid" I roll my eyes I've have had multiple opportunities to escape because they don't know how to have a hostage amateurs. 

"So what are supposed to do with her?" No name guy says

"We need to still keep her here until further notice but we need to find out what she knows" tom sighs

Knows about what? what could Caroline know?

The guys come back into the kitchen.

"Done with breakfast?" Tom asks me

I nod.

"Good we need to have a little talk" he says I gulp

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