Chapter 15

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Tom does his routine of taking me to my room
For the night.

But He stops at his door.

"Wait Here" he says and then goes into his room he grabs the bag he brought in earlier

We walk to my room, he walks into the room with me.

I look at him confused wondering why he's in here, he almost looks uncomfortable.

"Here" he says handing me the bag

I look inside to see clothes.

There's dresses and jeans and tops in here I try not to smile.

"The girl at the store picked every thing out so if you don't like it you can take it up with mindy" he says, I smirk

"Thank you" I tell him he nods

"Goodnight Caroline" he says

"Goodnight tom" I say


Like I said I'm glad I'm not normal because any normal person would of gone crazy being coped up in this house .

I knock on toms door everyone else left I got bored and decided to go see what he was doing.

"What!" he snaps maybe this wasn't a good idea

"Uh tom?" I say

"O sorry" he opens the door "is everything okay?" He says he almost looks worried

"The guys left to go do something work related and I'm bored" I pout

"And?" He asks confused

"Can we go outside just for a couple of minutes I promise I won't do any stupid I just want to go outside" I beg

He looks like he's thinking about it finally he sighs " fine but you better not do anything stupid" he warns

I smile smugly.

We go outside to the backyard it's nice but nothing special about it no flowers or anything.

"You should plant some flowers" I suggest

"Yeah I'll get on that" he says sarcastically

I walk over to the middle of the yard and sit down on the grass letting sun hit my face.

I turn around and look at him and patting at the ground next to me, I kind of got deja vu from the ball.

He actually walks over and sits beside me surprising me.

"It's nice out today" I say making conversation

"Yeah" is all he says

"Your not much of a talker" I joke

"You look nice" he says I look at him in shock he actually gave me a compliment what is this world coming too

I look down at myself I have a dress on that he bought me it's pretty, it's more Caroline style than mine and my hair is in its natural waves.

"Thank you" I smile I'm not really used to compliments, he nods

I check him out he always looks nice and well put together, dress to the T.

"And thanks again for the clothes" I tell him

"Don't worry about it" he shrugs

We sit there in comfortable silent.

"How did you get all that information about me?" I ask because no one knows really anything about the morganstone children

"We paid one of your body guards to get most of the information" he tells me

"He is so fired" i say,I see him smirk

"Your not going to hurt my brother are you" I ask don't know why

"I really hope I don't have to" I look at his face I can tell he's trying not to show any emotion but I can tell he really wouldn't want to hurt him

"Me too" I say sadly

"This will hopefully be over soon and everyone will go back to their normal lives" he says

I really hope so but what really is a normal life.

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