Chapter 31

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"How are we supposed to find them?" Michael asks me

Am I the leader now or something?

"O okay I guess I'm supposed to come up with the plan" I say scratching the back of neck

I'm not used to working with others.

Tom stands up and we all look at him instantly "Michael I want you to hack into Christopher's computer or anyone you can think of" he tells him, Michael nods "Cody I want you to make some phone calls" he tells him

"What he said" I fold my arms and nod

"Go!" He tells the guys since they haven't moved

"What do you need me to do?" I ask nervously

"Nothing" he spats

I grab his arm before he can walk out of the kitchen.

"Listen here tommy you have no right to be mad at me you did kidnap me and I'm sorry I lied so we are even" I give him a sarcastic smile "and I'm sorry about Joshua we will find him and Caroline they don't deserve this" I shake my head

He looks at me jaw still clench but he nods and walks out of the kitchen.

I don't know why but I don't want him mad at me which is weird .

I walk out of the kitchen.

The guys are doing there thing I've actually never actually seen them work.

"Now give me a fucking name!" I hear Cody yell over the phone and I've never hear him talk like that either.

Did these boys just get hotter?

I look over at Christopher dead body and walk over to it.

I sit down on the ground and start looking through all of his pockets.

"Are you pick pocketing Christopher? not Caroline" Michael asks me probably a little creeped out

"What he's dead he doesn't need anything" I smirk

I see Michael chuckle and shake his head.

I look through his pants pockets till I finally find his phone.

I look through his phone trying to find anything that can help us.

I find a text a message from the BOSS it tells Christopher to take Joshua to this address

Christopher is such a liar I'm glad I killed him!

"I got a address" I yell

"Let me see" tom says to me

I hand him the phone.

"This isn't where they took him" he shakes his head

"How do you know?" I asks confused

"Because its just a place to meet up or trade"

"I have a plan" I smile

"Is it a good one?" Cody asks me

I smile nervously "I have a plan" I repeat

"This can't be good" Michael mutters

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