Chapter 14

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I keep trying to figure out what did Keith do and why do they think Caroline knows something. I know she doesn't because Caroline can't keep a secret she would of told me the moment she found out anything.

Tom doesn't talk to me for the rest of the night, not that he really talked to me before but I could tell he was avoiding me.

I take a long shower to just think.

maybe I should escape this it isn't my problem. I have my own problems to deal with but they'll go kidnap the real Caroline or maybe even Jeffrey if there desperate and I couldn't live with myself knowing if they did that, Caroline isn't as strong as me when it comes to this she would be balling her eyes out any normal person would good thing I'm not normal .

It seems like forever ago I was at the ball but I know it was only a couple of days ago .

I mean I could have it worse they could be torchering me and have me locked up in the basement and I have a feeling when ever I see the men who are really in charge they aren't going to be so nice.


"Joshua" I call out he opens right away already expecting me

"Morning" he smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes

"Morning" I say

"Listen about yesterday we are just following protocol I'm sorry" he apologizes he doesn't know that it may come down to me being tortured if they think I know even the smallest details. he so naive in that way it almost makes me smile

"I understand" I give him a small smile

We go downstairs everyone is in the living room.

"Hey Caroline" Cody says

"Morning" michael says

I can tell they feel bad about yesterday they really are softies because all he did was ask questions it's not like he hurt me or anything .

"Morning boys" I greet them

I sit down on the couch their watching one of the fast and furious movies .

"Where's tom?" I ask not that I really care that much but it's weird him not being here even though all he would be doing is siting there glaring at the tv or on his phone angry texting someone

"He went to go do some errands" Cody says

"Like personal errands or business errands" I asks being nosy

"Uh personally I think since he didn't tell us where he was going" Cody shrugs, what kind of personal business would he need to take care of ?

"What is there to do in this place?" I ask them

"Nothing to do really" Michael says eyes still glued to the tv

"I'm going to go in the kitchen" i tell them not really asking for permission not that they really care their still staring at the tv

I make my way to the kitchen.

Caroline always told me if your bored or if your nervous about anything to always bake, something to take your mind off of it she learned it at one of her lessons .

I get the ingredients and start making a chocolate cake.

I'm not much of a baker nobody ever taught me how to cook or bake or anything until Caroline taught me. she had a blast teaching me even though I kept burning everything, but we kept baking things until I got the hang of it.

I take the cake out of the oven and let it cool before I frost it.

I smile Caroline would be proud of me.

I go into the living room the guys are still watching tv.

Tom finally comes home he doesn't look at me he goes straight upstairs I notice he has some bags in his hands.

"I made a cake" I say that got their attention I'm surprised they didn't get whiplash

"What kind of cake?" Joshua asks getting excited

"Chocolate" I smile

They all rush into the kitchen.

I cut them all a slice and give them a glass of milk.

They look so happy it almost makes me smile.

"This is sooo good" Michael moans

"Please don't make sex noises while I'm eating" Cody says I laugh

Tom comes into the kitchen.

"Want a slice of cake?" I ask

He looks unsure.

"It's a piece of cake nothing to over think about and it's chocolate everyone likes chocolate" I smirk

"Okay" he nod which makes me smile

I give him a slice and a glass of milk.

"Thank you" he says to me

"Your welcome" I smiled

"How'd you learn to bake so good" Joshua asks me

"My mother" I lie I remember Caroline told me her and her mother would bake together all the time before she died

I don't think Joshua, Michael, Cody and no name guy if he was here knows anything about Caroline only tom does.

I look at them eating looking like they never get anything home cooked, I could of so easily have poison them I try not to laugh at the thought.

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