Chapter 7

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I must of fell asleep, this dress is itchy I look over at the clock to see its morning.

I walk over to the door and pound on it.

"Hello?" I call out "I'm hungry please feed your hostage before I starve to death!" I yell

I honestly thought no one was going to open the door but I see the knob jiggling and it opens to reveal underage boy.

"Morning" I tell him

"It's to early go back to bed" he says trying to shut the door but I grab it

"But I'm hungry"I pout, he sighs

"Follow me" he says, I smile

We walk downstairs I see the guy who called me gorgeous at the table

"Well good morning" he winks at me, I roll my eyes

"What do you want to eat?" the boy asks me

"What do you have?" I ask him

"Cereal" he says

"That fine" I sit down at the table

"Should she be out of her room I don't think tom would like that" he says to the boy

"She wouldn't stop yelling" he says as he pours me cereal

"She was hungry" I tell them, the boy brings me my cereal I start eating un lady like

"Breath" they say laughing

"Excuse me but I didn't eat at the party because I got myself kidnapped by knock off version of Channing Tatum" I say

"I like her" the guy tells the boy

"So do I get to know your names or am I going to have to make something up" I tell them they look at each then shrug

"Joshua" the boy says

"Michael" the guy says with a smirk

"Nice to meet you I guess" I smile at them they smile back "so is tom name really tom or" I ask

"No it's tom" Michael says I wonder why he told me his real name "can I have another bowl please" I smile sweetly at him

He picks up my bowl and refills it.

"Thank you" I says as I scarf this bowl down

"Morning" I hear someone say I look behind me to see the guy who laughed yesterday

"What's up" I say to him he stops and looks at me then the guys

"Why is she out of her room" he ask them

" I was hungry" I tell him

"Okay whatever but you better not let tom see you" he says "by the way I'm Cody" I give him a wave

The guys sit at the table with me we all eat cereal together. If I wasn't being held against my will this would be fun, but Atleast i get to look at them shirtless which they all are .

"Where is everyone" I hear tom voice, everyone freezes

We all look up to see him fuming mad "what the hell!" He says glaring

"Morning you want some cereal" I say lifting up the box

He ignores me "why is she out of her room!"

"I was hungry why do I have to keep telling you guys this" I repeat, tom glares at me

"You are not on vacation princess you are our hostage" tom tells me standing right in front of me

"Trust me I know but you wouldn't want me to starve to death would you" I say smiling a sweet smile he looks like he wants to hurt me

he walks off somewhere I hear something break, he must be having a tantrum.

"Have you guys every kidnapped anyone before?" I ask them curious

"Yes just never a girl" Joshua says shyly

"Well I'm touched I could be your guys first" I wink, Joshua starts blushing

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