Chapter 59

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"I'm sorry " I whisper and shoot the guy holding down tom and then the other guy holding him down

I see my father wasn't expecting that which makes me smirk.

All of a sudden Cody comes from around the corner and shoots one of the guys standing next to my father.

Stefan quickly grabs my father and they take off.

I try to shoot at them but miss.

"I thought you were really going to shoot me" tom laughs relieved as he punches a guy

"I saw Cody come around the corner and I had to distract them" I say as I kick a guy making him fall on the coffee table breaking it

"I honestly thought she was going to shoot you for a second myself" Cody says

"Really?" I say and roll my eyes

"We got this taken care of go!" Tom tells me but I know he's lying but I can't let my father get away

I look at Tom one more time and take off towards the direction Stefan and my father went. This mansion is like a maze.

As I come around corner I feel a set of hands push me as hard as they can towards the wall catching me off guard.

"Leaving your friends to die just to get me?" My father tsk

Stefan punches me in the face making fall back to the ground.

I look up at him and spit my blood at him.

"Such a lady" stefan smirks down at me

"You know I tried to play nice" my father shakes his head at me

I look over and see Michael body on the ground .

"No no no!" I mutter as tears fall down my cheek

I try to crawl to him to see if he still has a pulse but Stefan kicks me in the Stomach preventing me from moving, I know he broke my rib from how hard it is to breathe.

"You did that to him Samatha!" My father yells at me "if it wasn't for you!"

I can't stop the tears and I know that just makes my father angrier because I'm showing weakness something he taught me to never show.

"You disgust me" he spats

My father looks at Stefan and nods, Stefan walks over to the closet in the room and pulls out Caroline who looks like she's taken a hit or two.

"Don't touch her!" I yell

I don't see Joshua anywhere which makes me scared.

"You killed them all Samatha" my father says kneeling down and grabbing a full head of hair making me look at him

"Stop it!" Caroline screams at him

My father laughs and shake his head.

"Hmm want do you think we should do Stefan?" My father asks him

"I think we should have a little more fun with Sam and then kill Caroline in front of her" he smiles

"Your a psychopath" Caroline tells Stefan

"I know" he shrugs

"Where's Keith?" I ask my father again

He rolls his eyes and then point at a door behind us "there" is all he says

Think Samatha think!

I keep telling myself.

My father still holding my hair throws me against the wall making me see stars for a second.

"Take me don't hurt her" I try to say, it takes everything out of me to not pass out

"We gave you the choice and you choose yourself and we were going to actually let her go if you took our deal" Stefan says shaking his head in disappointment

I see Caroline try to push Stefan away so I quickly grab my gun that I had attach to my leg and point it at my father.

"Let her go or I shoot" I tell them

"You don't have the balls" Stefan says

I quickly press the trigger a little so they can hear it click knowing I mean business.

I see Stefan let go of Caroline and step away.

"Put down the gun" Stefan says to me

I see my father almost looks amused by the turn of events.

"Caroline listen to me you need to go and don't you dare look back" I tell her

"Not without you" she says trying her best not to cry

"I'll be right behind you" I lie

I see her trying to figure out what to do but I give her a look pleading for her to go, she looks at me one more time and then walks out one of the doors.

"We will find her" my father tell me

"I know" I whisper sadly

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