Chapter 24

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I quickly put some clothes on and go over to the vent to listen I usually do this once or twice a day just to see if they say anything good and so far nothing.

"So Cody you and Caroline?" I hear Michael say

"No she was just helping me out with something" Cody says

"Naked?" Michael laughs, I had a towel on

"Nothing happened between them so drop it" I hear tom voice

"Does someone have a crush on the girl?" Cody snickers

I can just feel toms glare.

"Aww is little tom growing soft" Michael says laughing, shut up Michael if you want to live!

"If one of you say one more word I will-" I hear tom start saying, why do they leave the room when it starts getting good

But I try not to laugh at the thought of tom having a crush on me how do they not see that he can barely stand me and I definitely do not like him like that.


I need to get toms phone there may not be anything useful on it but I need to know but it won't be easy tom has his phone up his ass 24/7 and toms not easy to manipulate.

"So what are you guys doing today?" I ask them as we eat breakfast together

"I have a date today" Cody smirks

"Nice" I wink

"Are you guys working today?" I ask them

"Nope" Joshua shakes his head, I nod

Today's the day that I get that phone.

Think Sam think this used to be a whole lot easier I've grown rusty.

Me, Michael and Joshua sit in the living room and watch tv, Cody left for his date and toms in his office.

"I'm getting hungry" I say out loud

"We can order pizza?" Joshua suggests

"No can we just cook something" I say smiling sweetly

"Sure but we can't really cook" Joshua laughs

"Why don't you ask tom he's the cook" Michaels says

"He's busy I'm sure what ever you guys cook will be good" I say to them

They go into the kitchen and start cooking who knows what.

Breath Sam you can do this and nobody's going to get hurt.

I get up and walk into the kitchen.

"How's it going" I ask them trying to play cool

"uh good" Joshua says concentrating on something

I look at Michael who is stirring something.

I notice the stove is on.

I walk over me grab a rag and luckily the guys are to distracted to notice what I'm doing.

I put the rag close enough to the stove.

I walk over to the table and sit down.

"It smells good" I say

"I just hope it taste good"Joshua laughs, I look behind him and notice that the rag is started to catch on fire

And then it goes up in flames:

"What tha!" Joshua says backing up

"Shit!" Michael screams

"I'll go get tom!" I yell and run upstairs

I bang on his door.

"What?" he says as he opens it

He sees the look on my face "what's wrong?" He asks worried

I look behind him and see his phone on his desk.

"The kitchens on fire!" I tell him in a panic

"Stay here" he says and runs downstairs

I quickly race over to his desk and grab his phone and of course he has a lock on it.

Does he have trust issue or what?

I put in Joshua birthday and it's was right .

I look through his text messages, he doesn't have his name programmed in the phone only BOSS

Most of the texts are back and forth arguing about what to do with me, the guy wants answers and tom says I will talk soon. the boss guy says if something doesn't happen soon then he want to meet tom and take me.

I then see a address I grab a pen and paper and write it down it may be useful and write down the boss phone number.

I notice the boss guy has threatened to kill Joshua If he doesn't get what he wants, I don't care that they did kidnap me I don't want anything to happened to him.

I keep scrolling and see Christopher number I write that down as well.

I keep writing down things just in case.

I make sure I didn't leave a trace and set the phone exactly how it was and run down to the kitchen.

"Okay it's out" tom says putting the fire extinguisher down "now which idiot did this" he glares looking at us three

"It was a accident sorry" Joshua says, tom sighs

"It's fine nobody got hurt just leave the cooking to me or Cody" he tells them

Tom walks over to me "are you okay?" He whispers, I nod and give him a small smile 

"Pizza sounds good after all" I give them a weak smile

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