Chapter 30

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"The party got out of control" I mumbled not knowing what to say

Tom walks over to me on the couch and trying not to trip over the dead bodies.

They are being very calm almost acting like this happens all the time, But that would explain some of the stains.

"Are you okay?" tom asks me grabbing my face softly with his hands

This would be a very sweet moment if I wasn't dreading what's going to happen next.

"Where's Joshua" tom starts looking around

"Tom" I say quietly and close my eyes not wanting to tell him

"Where is he Caroline" I see he's trying to control his anger and I see him looking at each body making sure none of them are Joshua

"They took him" I say softly I couldn't protect him either

"Who did?" Cody asks

"One of Christopher men" I say

"Wait isn't this Christopher" Michael says looking at his dead body

"Yep" I try not to smirk

"That son of a bitch" tom says punching the wall leaving a hole "I'm going to kill him"

"Right behind you" I mutter

"Wait a second" Cody says confused we all look at him "Who killed these guys because we know it couldn't of been Joshua he can barely open the pickle jar?"

"Caroline who did this?" tom asks me

The moment of truth do I lie like I always do or do I actually tell the truth for once.

"We all need to talk" I tell them "let's go to the kitchen where's there's not any dead body decomposing"

We walk into the kitchen and all sit at the table, they just stare at me waiting for me to talk.

"So how did your job go today?" I nervously smile

"Caroline" tom says in a warning tone

I take a deep breath I just hope they don't try to kill me after this.

"My names not Caroline" I say and look at them but they look confused

"What do you mean your names not Caroline?" Michael says laughing a little

I feel like I'm in therapy and about to spill my guts out.

"I'm not Caroline, caroline actually my best friend"

"That's not possible we did our research and you fit the description" Cody says slowly

"Not very well" I say under my breath " okay let me start from the beginning"

"Please do" Michael says

I look at tom and I can't read his expression but I know he's not happy with me.

"For almost a year I have been living with the mayor and his family I actually have gotten very close to them and at the party me and Caroline thought it would be fun to be each other so she could talk to people without them only talking to her because of her father and so I pretended to be her that night and when you kidnapped me I just kept doing it" I say hoping I'm making sense

"Why would you keep pretending?" Cody says like I'm crazy and I don't blame him

"Because she's my best friend and I didn't want you to hurt her"

"So this whole time you've been lying about everything" tom says with his jaw clenched I nod

"So who killed the guys in the living room" Michael asks me

"Um I kinda did and you might want to get a new rug" I say

"There no way you could of done that by yourself" Cody shakes his head

"I did they were going to kill me" they all look at me shocked that I could kill someone

"How?" Michael asks me almost a little impressed

"I had a rough childhood" I shrug

"Where did they take Josh" tom says glaring at me

"I don't know and he wouldn't tell me" I point at Christopher on the ground "they took Caroline too" i close my eyes taking a deep breath

"Now that you guys know the truth let's stop sitting on our asses and go find them" I tell them

They all look at me in shock not expecting that

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