Chapter 16

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"I'm hungry" I tell tom he nod

"Let's go inside I'll make us something" he says standing up, he puts his hand out, I grab it and pull my self off the ground

We stare at one and other,my hand still in his.

He clears his throat and let's go of my hand and walks off back to the house.

I sit at the kitchen table watching him cook.

"Where did you learn to cook?" I ask him hoping I'm not getting too personal

"My mother taught me" he says with a hint of a smile "she probably was one of the best cooks around I thought and still do. she died a couple of years ago" I try not to show to much emotions at him actually opening up to me

"So you've raised Joshua basically" I say

"Yes" he says with a clenched jaw but I don't think he's irritated at me asking

"He's a sweet kid" I tell him

"You are the same age kid" i think I see a hint of a smile, but I forgot that I'm Caroline for a second

"O yeah I forgot old man" I try to play it off

"I'm not old" he smirks

"I think I see a gray hair" I say, I see him freeze for a second scared that there actually were one

I laugh

"Not funny" he smirks at me "okay all ready" he says handing me a plate of pasta

He sits across me.

"Thank you" I say he nods

I take a bite and then moan from how delicious it is .

I see him look at me with lust "sorry it so good" I tell him

"Thank you" he says clearing his throat

"Your going to have to give me this recipe" I tell him

"I'm so hungry" I hear Cody say as he and the rest of them walk through the door

"I'll go get Caroline" Joshua says

"I'm in here" I call out

The guys walk in and they look confused as to why I'm out of my room and hanging out with tom.

"What's going on here?" Michael asks

"We are having dinner there's more if your hungry" i tell them trying to act like its no big deal for tom I wouldn't want him to get a reputation as being a nice guy

There still standing there staring at me and tom.

"Are you going to stare at us or are you going to eat something" I tell them

They look at tom "you heard her" tom says

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