Chapter 19

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I've been in my room for awhile the guys went to go run some errands.

I hear something downstairs the guys are probably home.

I then hear the door unlock I look up and see the last person I would of every guess to come let me out of the room.

No name guy it's weird I've been here awhile and I don't his name or nothing about him.

"Hi?" I say confused

"Hello Caroline" he says almost in a creepy way

"Are the guys home?" I ask him growing nervous

"Not yet" he says walking over to me "I need you to come with me"

"W-where?" I gulp

"Just downstairs" he shrugs like no big deal

I don't want to go anywhere with him but I know I don't have a choice and hopefully the guys will be home soon.

I stand up and follow him downstairs to the room tom interrogated me in so I know this isn't going to be good.

He shuts the door and turns and faces me "sit"

In spite of my better judgement I sit down, he hand cuffs me to the table.

"Just in case" he smiles but it makes me even more nervous

"I'm going to ask you some questions" he tells me like we are friends

"Yeah okay" I nod

"I'm Christopher by the way. I know tom interrogated you once but we are going to do it my way" he stops smiling

"I don't know anything I promise" I tell him he just nods but I know he doesn't believe me even though it's the truth

"They been to soft on you treating you like you are a friend and making you think your on vacation" he shakes his head

This is not going to end good!

"We almost kidnapped your little brother" he smiles at me making me shiver with fear "but tom is to soft he didn't want to kidnap a child" he rolls his eyes

"It was actually pretty easy to get all the information about your family you really should hire better guards and employees they were easy to buy off they even made sure we could get into the party so we could kidnap you. You been here too long and nothing been accomplished so the head guy called me because he knows I'll deliver" he walks behind me

He grabs a hand full of my hair and pulls it as hard as he can.

"Your going to talk today" he grabs my face hard leaving bruises making me look at him

"I don't know anything" I glare at him

He slaps my face as hard as he can.

"Fuck you asshole!"I spit blood at him

"Now that's not how ladies talk I guess all those etiquette classes went to waste" he smirks at me wiping the blood off his face

"Your father is the mayor and he pissed off a lot of bad people because he thinks he can say no to them" he growls

"I don't know anything about what my father does" I say

That earns me another slap on the other side.

"My boss he's just getting back in the game and he came to your father and he turned him down which was the wrong thing to do. My boss doesn't like your father he thinks he's weak and doesn't deserve to run this city and he thinks it time he steps down. he did try to be civil about it but your father is a idiot and turned him down. Tom and the rest of them don't know anything they get told only what they need to know at the time and the reason we kidnapped you for one is pay back at your father and second there's a safe that my boss needs to get in even I don't know what's in there but we need the code and we know you know it"

"Did you try a birthday" I say sarcastically

That earns me another hit and then he pushes me to the ground and kicks me in the stomach.

All of a sudden the door bust open to reveal tom fuming mad. he jerks Christopher off of me and punches him in the jaw and then pushes Christopher to the wall grabbing him by his shirt

"Don't you ever touch her again!" tom tells him Christopher just laughs

Tom come by my side and and uncuffs my hand and picks me up and carries me out the room.

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