Chapter 8

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After breakfast I'm escorted back to my room, I take a nap and read a book that was left here.

I look at the clock to see its 6:00pm. the guys left earlier to go do something probably illegal.

I hear the front door open and I hear them talking and laughing.

I walk up to my door and start banging on it "hello still here!" I yell, I wait a minute and Michael opens the door

"Hey good lookin. I love coming home to you" he winks

"Listen since you guys are home can I please come out of here I'm going crazy" I beg

"It's only been a couple of hours" I fold my arms and glare at him "okay come on" I smile these guys are too easy

We walk downstairs to the living room where all the guys are hanging out, I plop on the couch next to Joshua "hello boys" I greet them

"What is she doing out?" tom glares at Michael

"I have a name you know" I tell him even though it's not my real name

"Put her back" tom tells Michael

"I'll be quiet you won't even know I'm here" I say then giggle, he just sighs in response

"What are we watching?" I whisper in Joshua ear

"Uh mission impossible"he says I can tell I make him nervous

I watch the movie for about 15 minutes before I talk again "I'm hungry" I tell them

"We ordered pizza" Cody says,I nod

I look over at the guy that looks like he murders kittens for fun. I still don't know his name yet he's on his phone texting someone, he must sense me staring he looks up at me then says "I got to go I'll see you guys later" he says grabbing his jacket then leaving

"Bye" I yell

Cody and Michael go upstairs to grab some video game they want to play.

Joshua gets up and goes to the bathroom.

So it just leaves me and tom alone. I check him out while he's watching the movie, he's in pretty good shape, this place would be paradise with all these good looking boys but it sucks they want to kill me.

I hear tom phone go off "hello" he answers he gets up and starts talking to someone or more like yelling at them and  leaving me alone, god these guys are stupid I could easily escape if I wanted. I hear the door bell ring I get up and open to see a pizza boy

"Hi" I say, his mouth is wide open and I see he's checks me out and probably also wonder why I'm wearing fancy dress

"Um yeah I have your pizza" he says, I look around the room and I see toms wallet that fell out of his jeans. I grab it and and grab some cash and hand it to the guy and I give him a huge tip

"Thanks" he smiles wide

"No problem" I say as I take the pizza I shut the door and walk back to the couch. I set the pizza on the coffee table and take out a slice

All the guys come back into the living room they stop when they see Im eating pizza.

"Where did you get that?" Michael points at the pizza

"Didn't you guys order pizza?" I say duh did they forget

"You opened the door"Joshua says looking at the door

"Well how else was I supposed to get the pizza through the window?" I say taking another bite

"Why did you guys leave her alone" Tom says to the others

"You were the last with her" Joshua says back

"I had to take a phone call" tom says then walks over to me taking the slice of pizza out of my hand

"Hey" I whine

"now tell me what did you say to the pizza man" If looks could kill I'd be dead

"I said hi how much" I tell him

"Don't lie to me child"

"Okay first of all your 25 and second of all I'm not lying there was no point to tell pizza guy anything he wouldn't of believed me and you would of found me anyway" I say to him he stares at me and then nods

"Good girl" he hands me back my pizza slice

"wait how did you know how old I was" he looks at me confused

"O here's your wallet" I toss him his wallet

"Why do you have my wallet?" He raises an eyebrow

"You left it and I needed to pay for the pizza . Are you guys going to sit and stop interrogating me your pizza going to get cold" they all look at each other confused then walk back to there spots and sit. tom sits back down as well but I can tell he's still irritated

"You gave him a hundred dollar" tom says looking through his wallet the guys laugh

"Is that a problem Thomas Gary Matthews" I snicker

"Your middle name is Gary?" Cody asks laughing

"Shut up!" tom snaps, I hand him a slice hoping he will calm down he takes it

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