Chapter 17

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Enough is enough I'm tired of not knowing what's going on!

I sneak off when everyone watching a movie and go check out the house to see if I can find anything that will tell me what's going on.

I start opening doors.

First one is Joshua's room I know because of the pictures of him and tom when they were a little younger it's actually a cute picture. the room is pretty tiddy.

I go into the next room which I'm guessing is codys room it's not as clean as tom and Joshua's room, I look over to see a couple of pictures of him and his family when he was younger.

Next room is diffidently Michaels it's a mess it looks like the room exploded, I try not to trip over things on the floor. I see a stack of some playboys magazines,I roll my eyes nice Michael.

I go back to toms room and it's so boring there's nothing personal or anything useful in here, he definitely not keeping anything important in here.

Next is No Name guy, he has a knife collection figures beside all the weapons and leather jackets there's nothing in here either.

Every day that I been here I've tried to look in a new room everyday.

I try to open another door but it won't budge, I go grab a knife in the kitchen and use it to open the door.

It's a office "jackpot" I say to myself

I use the knife to open the drawers because there locked too.

Most of the stuff is bills and receipts nothing exciting .

But in the last draw I find a file that has all the information about the morganstone's.

It reads:

Elizabeth morganstone:
Died January of 2015
Husband; Keith morganstone
Children; Caroline and Jeffrey morganstone

Keith morganstone :
Children: Caroline and Jeffrey morganstone
Occupation: mayor
Assistant: Monica green
Home address 1234 collar way
Office address 1789 Main Street
Works between 8-6pm
Upcoming meeting on the 28th and 2nd

Caroline morganstone:
18 years old
No boyfriend/ never been romantically involved
Takes etiquette classes everyday of the week
Blue eyes
Blonde hair
Favorite flower: daisies
Hobbies: baking and reading
Traits: snobby, dramatic, over emotional

Jeffrey morganstone :
8 years old
Sister : Caroline Morganstone
Father : Keith morganstone
Like: Legos, superheroes and cars

There's just pages and pages of information about them. it's super creepy there's even information on the staff and Monica and every single detail about all the bodyguards.

But nothing about why they want Caroline.

I wonder how they know nothing about me or that I'm living with them?

I feel someone looking at me, I've been caught stupid Sam you know to always watch your surroundings.

I look up to see the one person who I was scared the most that would catch me.


"I was looking for some paper and a pencil" I smile hoping he'll buy it

But of course he doesn't.

"So you broke down the door and broke into the drawer" he says walking towards me "to get a piece of paper?"

He stands super close to me and stares at me then he puts his hand on my back.

"W-what are you doing" I ask nervously

He trails his hand down my back to my ass and then to my back pocket and grabs the knife out of my back pocket.


He then grabs the folder out of my hands.

"I told you not to do anything stupid" he glares, I can tell he's trying not to get worked up

"O I'm sorry how dare me invade your private stuff that's about me and my family that you kidnapped me from" I say getting in his face

He looks a loss for words this is the most I've gotten mad since I've been here and I'm not even on level 2 yet.

He grabs my arm and pulls me out of the room, he locks the door again and pulls me to my room he doesn't say anything.

"What's going on?" Cody says as we pass him

"Go back to the living room" tom orders him

I look at Cody I can tell he wants to help me but knows his orders.

I give him a small smile to make him feel better.

He jerks me up stairs and opens my door pushing me inside.

We stare at one an other both fuming mad.

And that's not good when I'm mad because I do stupid things like this.

I look at him one more time and slap him hard leaving a imprint on his face.

His face turn from fuming mad to shock that I actually slapped him.

"You just slapped me" he says stating the obvious

"Yes I did" I tell him smugly

It almost looks like he wants to laugh but then stops himself and stones his face.

"Your staying in here for the rest of the night" he says walking out the door, I hear him lock it

"Good!" I scream

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