Chapter 6

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My head hurts, I can't move my arms or legs someone's tied them up they also put a blindfold over my eyes but I still have my mask on for some reason and then duct tap over my mouth

"What the hell" I want to say

how could I be so stupid! I let my guard down for 2 minutes and look what happened!

I feel myself lift up like bumps in the roads so I know I'm in a car. I'm probably in the trunk, how predictable I wonder how long I've been unconscious for?

I'm trying to think who could of done this and how they found me, my thoughts are cut short when the vehicle stops. I try to listen, I hear footsteps I try to act like I'm still unconscious still,  i hear the trunk open.

"Get her out" I hear a voice who I recognize as tom if that even his real name

I feel someone pick me up "take her to the living room" tom tells who's ever carrying me

He starts walking I feel the cool air I know we are in a house now.

"Put her on the couch" I'm then thrown on the couch assholes!

"Give me a knife" tom says I try to remain calm , I hear the click of a pocket knife, tom cuts of the restraints off my legs and then he does my hands. I really want to punch him but I have to play this smart.

He then sits me up and removes my mask and the blindfold "wake up princess"I feel a hand slap my face not hard just like he trying to get me to wake up.I open my eyes to see a room full of men and they are all armed .

Tom reaches over and rips the duct tape off my mouth.

"Ow!" I glare at him

"Sorry princess" he laughs a little, I roll my eyes

"She's gorgeous" I look up to the guy that said that, he not bad looking if I'm being honest but I give him a look that reads in your dreams

"Are you all going to continue staring at me or are you going to get on with it?" I snap wanting to get this over with

"Feisty I like her" the same guy said

I look at Tom he takes off his mask and he's gorgeous like drop dead model gorgeous like God did good on him, but I have to remember he just kidnap me I act like his looks don't affect me.

"Do you know why your here?" tom asks me

I roll my eyes "really why would I know" are these his men how did he find me so quickly?

"Do you know who we are?"he asks me

"Wannabe Calvin Klein models" i say and I hear someone laugh

"Shut up!" tom looks at the guy who laughed giving him a death stare "no child" he still has the pocket knife in his hand. he touches my cheek with it, I feel the cold metal but he doesn't put any pressure on my cheek to draw blood "we are the Red Devils"

"Nice to meet you?" I ask confused am i supposed to know who they are

"The mafia sweetheart" the guy to my left says I do a fake gasp to act like I'm scared, but Now I remember I have heard of them they are ruthless killers who don't care about anyone. everyone fears them but honestly I really want to laugh in their faces but I know that will get me killed. it must of been the right thing to do because they all smiled

"What do you want with me?" I ask him

"You see Caroline your father is Keith morganstone the mayor of Black Hollow. some of the riches men live here and a lot of people have had there eye on you" he smirks, I try to take this all in. they think I'm Caroline I don't know if this is a good or bad thing

"What are you going to do with me" I ask trying to look terrified

"Don't know yet we have to wait and see I guess" he gets up and walks over to one of the other guys and whispers something I take a moment to look around the room, the house is actually nice I was expecting a warehouse.

There's five guys in the room , Tom, the guy who called me gorgeous, the guy who laughed, one who looks like he ready to murder me, and a boy who looks Caroline's age they are all armed.

"Now princess" tom comes over and grabs my arm "let's go show you your new room"  he pulls me up stairs and walks over to a door and open it. it's a normal room nothing special about it but I'm glad they aren't making me sleep in the basement

He pushes me in here.

"What am I supposed to do in here?" I ask as I turn to face him

"Sleep or just sit there and be quiet" he shrugs like he doesn't care

"How long are you keeping me?"

"As long as I want" he smirks. I glare

"goodnight" he shuts the door

I walk over and try to open it he locked it! the son of a bitch locked it he's going to regret that!

I turn back around I see another door I walk over and open it, its a bathroom that's good I guess.

I notice all the windows are boarded up.
I plop on the bed, so sleepy and so hungry. I hope Caroline and Jeffrey are okay. I did need to get away and lay low so I guess I got what I wanted and atleast its me and not Caroline they kidnapped so as long as I don't get myself killed or anything I will be fine...I think

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