Chapter 33

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I really hope the guys don't turn on me or anything?

The trunk opens and I feel myself being lifted up.

"It's me" tom whispers in my ear as he carries me

"Is this the girl?" I hear a man voice ask

"Yes" Michael says

"Why did you bring her here?" The man asks them

"The boss is ready to get rid of her" tom tells him

"Okay if that's what he wants go ahead" he says

Tom starts walking and then I feel air conditioning all of a sudden so we are in some kind of building.

Tom takes my blind fold off

"You okay?" He asks me

I nod

He sets me down

I look around and we are in some old building it looks super creepy, we are in some kind of hallway.

"Let's go" tom tells everyone, he grabs my arm softly and we start walking

"You all ready?" Tom asks us, we all nod

We stop in front of a door and tom knocks on it hard.

A guy opens it "you and the girl can come in but your guys have to stay out here" he tells us

"No problem" tom says

We walk into the room where there's 5 guys.

"She's beautiful" some creepy guy says

I can see tom jaw clenched.

"The boss wants to get rid of her she's no longer useful" tom tells them

"Why did you bring her here you could of just killed her at your place?" The guy asks confused

"He wanted to see if one of you could get anything out of her and if not I'll take care of her here without ruining my carpet" tom shrugs

"Maybe we can have some fun with her first" the guy says, he dies first

"Have you heard from Christopher?" Tom asks the head guy

"No I haven't but one of his guys uh Mitch he's here" he shrugs

Tom looks at me and I look at him, he nods.

"Okay little girl tell me what you know" the says as he rips off the duct tape on my mouth

"I know that your about to die" I smile

He looks at me confused but I head butt him before he can utter a word, I quickly get out of the restraints on my hand and punch him in the face.

I see tom in the corner of my eye taking out one of the guys.

I grab on of the chairs that's in the room hitting the guy in the back.

"Samatha" tom says to get my attention, I look over at him and he knocks out a gun in one of the guys hands

I dive for it and quickly shoot everyone that's left standing.

Tom puts his hand out, I grab it and stand up.

"That was fun" I smile at him

He just laughs and shakes his head.

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