Chapter 26

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I woke up to tom next to me in the bed, he must of fell asleep. He's probably going  to be mad at himself when he wakes up.

I know this is creepy but I look at him really look he's actually not that bad of a guy. He's really good looking and he has some moments when he's not a pain in my ass And when he smiles it's the kind of smile that makes me smile.

Maybe if we met under different circumstances we could atleast be friends, We are the same underneath we just put up different fronts.

He opens his eyes and we just stare at one an other.

"Were you staring at me while I was sleeping?" he says with a smirk still have asleep

"No" I smirk back

"If you drew anything on my face" he mutters

"So you won't like the big penis I drew on your cheek" I laugh


I expected him to be mad that he fell asleep in my bed but he's actually in a good mood.

"I better go uh get dressed" he says scratching the back of his neck

"Okay" I nod "o and uh tom" I say before he walks out of the door

"Yeah"  he looks at me

"Thanks" I say trying not to get red from embarrassment I don't cry in front of anyone.

"You welcome " he gives me a small smile

I quickly shower and get dressed, and I walk downstairs to the kitchen.

"Morning boys" I greet them

"Morning Caroline" they greet back

"Here's your coffee" Cody hands me a cup

"Thank you" I tell him

You would think these guys work for me.

"So how was your date Cody?" I ask him

"Good shes pretty awesome" he smiles

"Aw how cute I can't wait to met her but we would have to make up a story because I think the whole kidnap thing would be a turn off" I giggle

"Haha" he smirks

"Morning" tom says as he walks into the kitchen

"morning" I smile at him

"Are you guys ready?" tom asks them

"Where are you guys going?" I asks confused

"We just need to go run some errands but Joshua going to stay with you" tom tells me

I'll see you guys later then" I wave

"Bye Caroline" Michael and Cody say as they leave

"Call me if anything goes wrong" tom tells Joshua

"We will be fine" Joshua assures him tom nod

"Bye Caroline" tom tells me

"Bye tom" we smile at each other and then I watch him leave

"It's just me and you today" I smirk

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