The Last Chapter

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I open my eyes and I don't recognize anything around me. Where am I? The last thing I remember was I was in my fathers mansion and I think I got shot but then nothing.

I look down and notice I'm wearing a hospital gown and I'm hooked up to a IV.

I hear footsteps and I look up at the door way and see Caroline, I can tell she didn't know I was awake from the look on her face.

"Sam" she says and starts crying and runs over to me

"Ow" I wince as she starts hugging on me

"Be careful she did get shot" I hear keith voice and see him and Jeffrey walk in

"Sammy" Jeffrey say jumping on the hospital bed

"What happened?" I ask them

"You don't remember?" Caroline says confused

"I remember being in my father mansion and then I guess I got shot"'I say trying to remember "is my father?" I start panicking wondering if he got away

"No he's gone" Caroline says giving me a small smile and then I remember what she did

"Thank you for saving me"I tell her

"It was my turn to finally save you. since the day we meet you've been protecting me" Caroline says

"After you blacked out, help came and we got you to the hospital in time and you been here ever since" Keith tells me

"How long have I been here?" I ask them

"2 years" Jeffrey says slowly

"What?!" I start freaking out

"Stop it he means two weeks" Caroline says

"Not funny" I laugh relieved

"But they said you would be ready to go home in about a week" Keith tells me

"Home" I whisper

"What a minute" I say and sit up

"Careful" Caroline tells me going into protective mode and I know she's going to be like this for awhile

"Where's the boys?" I ask them

"You mean your boyfriend tom?" Caroline smirks "he hasn't left the hospital. He's actually in the waiting room"

I see Caroline look at her dad. "Okay why don't we get something to eat in the cafeteria" Keith says

"Get me some jello" I tell them

I watch them leave and a couple of minutes later I hear footsteps coming towards my room and I see tom who looks like crap but still manages to look hot too.

He looks at me and smiles. "You look like crap" I tell him

"Not everyone can look as gorgeous as you all the time princess" he smirks and sits down on the bed

He grabs my hand and kisses it making me blush "are you okay?" He asks me in a serious tone

"Yeah I will be" I give him a small smile "where's the other guys?" I ask

"They are on their way I called them as soon as Caroline told me you were awake " he says "they all really missed you"

"I've missed you guys so much" I say getting teary eyed "what about Michael?" I ask him almost scared to ask

He opens his mouth but then we hear running and we both look over at the door and see Cody and Joshua.

"Boys!" I smile and they walk over and give me a group hug

"Are you okay?" Joshua asks me worried

"Yes I'm fine" I tell him

I look at the both of them and notice there's no Michael.

"You guys are asses you could of waited for me" I hear and look over to see Michael on crunches

"You're too slow" Cody says to him

"No shit I'm on crutches" Michael says back

"Michael" I say looking at him

"The one and only" he smirks

"I thought you were dead" I tell him

"You can't kill me but they did break my leg and give me a good bump on the head but other than that I'm fine" he shrugs

"I'm glad" I smile

"When do you get released?" Tom asks me

"In about a week" I tell him

"What happens then?" Joshua asks me

"Well I go home with Caroline and Keith and I don't know" I say

"Well we've been talking" Cody says looking at the guys

"We want you to come work with us" Michael says finishing Cody sentence

"In the Mafia?" I say a little surprised

"Yeah I mean you good at what you do" Joshua says

"You can think about it" tom tells me

"Okay I brought everyone jello" I hear Caroline say as she walks through the door

She hands each of the boys a thing of jello "I got you the orange one I remember you said it was your favorite" she says to Joshua

"Thank you" he smiles at her like she gave him gold

"Did you get me the green one?" I ask her

"Of course" she scoffs

"So the boys want me to come work with them and be there leader" I tell Caroline as I take a bite of my jello

"Okay no one said anything about you being the leader" tom says

"Ooo can I join" Caroline asks

"I'll have to go over it with my employees" I laugh which earns a dirty look from most of them

But I can't help but smile, I wish I could go back and tell my old self that you will be happy and have a family. I'm glad I meet Keith at that party who is like a father to me and got Jeffrey and Caroline as my brother and sister, and I'm actually glad I got kidnapped by the Mafia even if it was on purpose.

Samatha story is finally finished 😭

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