Chapter 45

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"Where's Caroline?" I ask Stefan

"O she's in the back room" he points

"Why do you care about her so much anyway?" He asks me genuinely curious "I mean I have never seen you care about anyone in your entire life"

"She doesn't deserve this Stefan!" I tell him

"Probably not" he shrugs

"Where's my brother?" Tom asks Stefan

"O the kid" he says like he's trying to think "o he's back in one of the rooms too. We wanted to see if he would be any use to us before we took care of him"

I see tom try his best not to snap Stefan neck.

In the corner of my eye I see movement and I see Cody finally.

"So what happens now?" I ask Stefan

"Well that's really up to your father he's busy at the moment so we will just have to wait for his orders"

"Such a good lap dog" I snarl

"You really thought you could get away from him? And have a happy life?" He laughs ignoring my comment "and look what's happened we have you and your precious new family"

"Who else do you have Stefan?" I say growing angry

"Just Caroline and o yeah we picked up Keith this morning did I forget to mention that?"

"You son of a bitch" I scream in his face

But at least they don't have Jeffrey.

I'm trying my best to keep my cool because I know Stefan loves it when he gets a rise out of me.

Come on Cody!

I see tom slowly getting ready to attack the guards behind us, we only have one shot at this and if we don't do everything right we're dead.

I look at tom and give a small smile and a nod hinting I'm ready.

"Stefan as much fun as this has been you know catching up I really need to get going" I tell him

"And what makes you think I'm going to let you go?" He says inching closer to my face

"I know your not going to let me" I shrug "but like you said I am my fathers daughter and he taught me to never surrender"

I quickly head butt him breaking his nose, Tom grabs a knife that was in his boot and stab one of the Guards and try's to take the other one down.

"You little bitch" Stefan hisses

He grabs me hair and throws me into the wall as he comes closer I hit him in his sensitive area and quickly get up.

I punch him in the face and I try again but he quickly blocks it, we keep going around and around.

"Your not going to win Sam" he tells me

We both look pretty beaten up and he's right we can anticipate each other moves since we have grown up with each other.

"Hey did I miss the party?" Michael says strolling in

Stefan look behind him for a second but that was a mistake I quickly grab a vase and smash it against his head knocking him out.

"Thanks Michael" I laugh

"Anytime" he shrugs

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