Chapter 13

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Remember you're Caroline, only say things Caroline would know and try to gather as much information as you can about who's doing this and what they want with the real Caroline.

"What did you want to talk about?" I say once we get into a room I've never been in before

I try act like I'm nervous.

I sit down behind the table and he sits in front.

"Caroline Elizabeth morganstone is your full name correct" he says but I already know he knows it is Caroline full name

"Yes" I say

"Elizabeth was your mothers name"

"Yes it was" I say sadly, he looks at me almost apologetic

"You have a brother right"

"Yes Jeffrey" I say because I already know he knows

"Your 18 years old?"

"Yes" I nod

He knows every single detail about Caroline family I just need to make sure I say everything right one slip up and he will know

For about a hour he asks me questions only Caroline would know I'm just glad she was my best friend or else I wouldn't know half of these questions.

He stares at me, I stare back.

"Do you know why you're here" he asks me again

"Like I've said before I don't" I shake my head

"Your father is the mayor"

"I'm aware" I say sarcastically he glares at me

"He's a powerful man a lot of people want him dead and even his children" he says to me almost like he's trying to make me realize how serious this is

"Are you going to kill me?" I act like I'm scared but I know I can take this guy if it comes down to it

"No not today anyway" he says I try to read his face to see if he would actually do it and I think he would if ordered too

"What do you want from me I don't know anything" I tell him again

"My job was to take you and keep you here and see if you know anything" he says, so they probably don't even know why their keeping me here they are just the middle men "so I'm going to ask you again if you know anything your not supposed to know about your father tell me now because I really don't want to torture it out of you" 

"I don't know anything I swear" I say truthfully what do they want to know so badly

He stares at me trying to figure out if I'm lying  good thing I'm a good liar

"Okay then we're done for the day" he nods

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