Chapter 35

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So that basically was a bust we didn't get really anything! Now i have to go back to the house with them and I know there going to ask me a million questions and expect answers.

We all walk into the house the whole car ride was quiet and awkward.

"Sit" tom orders me, I roll my eyes but does as he says not wanting to fight.

Everyone takes a seat in the living room, I rather be anywhere but here right now.

"So is anyone hungry?" I say since they are all staring at me

"Samatha what?" Tom asks me or more like demands

"Um next question" I mumble

"Why were you living with the real Caroline and her family?" Michael asks me

"I didn't have anywhere else to go so they took me in"

"So everything you've told us before is a lie?" Tom says with his jaw clenched

"Mostly there was a few things that were true like my favorite flower and it was actually Caroline who taught me how to bake and some other stuff"

"You really look just like her?" Cody says amazed

"We get that a lot but um I'm actually older than her I'm 21" I laugh nervously

I see Michael smirk, I roll my eyes at him.

"Are you in the Mafia?" Tom asks me

"Why would you think that?" I ask him

"Because no sane person would let us kidnap them best friend or not" Michael says like I'm crazy

"Well I didn't want anything to happen to the real Caroline or Jeffrey so I thought since you already thought I was Caroline I would just keep pretending to keep her safe and find out why you wanted to kidnap her" I explain "also you guys are bad bad guys I mean you kidnap the wrong girl and if anything it's like I was in charge" I smirk changing the subject

"She's kinda right" Cody whispers

"Wait what happened to all the bodies" I say all of a sudden looking around

"We took care of it" tom tells me, I nod

"Okay Now can we stop playing 21 questions" I say "can I have someone's phone"

Cody and Michael look at tom for approval.

"Listen if it makes you feel better I've already used your guys phone before to make calls" I tell them with a shrug

Tom hands me his phone surprising me.

I call Monica number.

"Hello" she answers right away

Tom takes the phone out of my hand and puts it on speaker and sets it down so they can hear.

"Hey it's Samatha put Keith on" I tell her

"Yes of course" she says in a panic

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