Chapter 60

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I watch as Caroline leaves hoping she's able to get far away from here.

"So what are you going to do Samatha kill me?" My father asks me

"You have no idea how much I would love to pull this trigger but no I'm going to make sure you spend the rest of your pathetic life locked up behind bars where you belong!" I tell him

"Is that anyway to treat your father" he says a little nervous

"Don't worry I'll come visit you" I smirk and wack him across the head with the gun knocking him out

"You do realize you'll have to go through me right" Stefan says

"I haven't forgotten about you minion" I say and turn to him

"So are going to take me to jail too?" He asks me

"Your a pretty boy you'll be okay" I smirk

Just as I start raising my gun he knocks it out of my hand and pushes me against the wall.

He puts each arm next to my face preventing me from moving.

"You always been a pain in my ass you know that" he says to me

"At least we have that in common" I say looking him dead in the eyes trying to show no fear

"So beautiful" he mutters as he stares at me "such a shame" he sigh and backs up and raises his arm to punch me

I quickly duck so he punches the wall hopefully breaking his fist, I grab him by the waist and push him down us both going through the glass coffee table.

I can few pieces of glass stabbing my back.

I slowly get up and raise my foot and stab him in the stomach with my heel.

"U little- " he yells in pain, he grabs my foot and swing me to the side so he can get up

We stand there looking at one an other waiting for the other to make the first move.

Stefan throws a punch which I quickly block and I do the same to him but he easily blocks it and on and on, we know what the other one is going to do before they do it that's what happens when your raised by the same man who taught you ever thing.

"Give up Sam you know I'm stronger than you" he says to me

I have to think outside of the box so he won't expect it.

I watch as he goes to raise his fist so I quickly grab his fist which he doesn't expect and push him back enough so I can bend down and yank on the rug, he goes flying backwards and he hits his head on the corner of the table.

I look down at him and close my eyes not wanting to see the blood pouring out of his skull.

"I am sorry" I whisper and and walk to the door Keith's in

I open the door and see nothing in this room but Keith tied up to chair beaten up.

"Keith" I say relieved and walk over to him

He lift up his head.

I take the tape off his mouth and then try to take the tape of his hands that are tape down on the arms chair.

"Samatha" he tries to say

"It's okay we will be out of here in no time" I tell him

I notice Keith is looking behind me.

I look to see it my father holding a gun pointing it at me.

"You stupid little girl" my father mutters

I stand up and block Keith.

"Don't do this" I say but it's no use

"say hello to your mother for me" he says and I hear a gun shot

I see my father look at me with shock and he drops to the ground and behind him with a gun raised up is Caroline.

"Caroline" I smile

"Are you okay?" She asks me worried

"Put down the gun" I say and as I go towards her but stop when I feel a sharp pain in my stomach

Me and her look down to see blood coming out of me.

"No no no" she says rushing to me as I fall to the ground and catching me "I'm so sorry I should of got here faster"

"You did good" I smile and start to feel my eyes get heavy

"Help!" I hear Caroline yell as I black out

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