Chapter 36

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It's quiet for a second and then I hear some noises and then I hear Keith's voice "Samatha?" He says like he can't believe it

"Yes it's me" I say sadly

"They took Caroline is she there with you?" I hear him choke up a little

"No" I try to not to get emotional "but I'm going to find her I promise" I'm going to find you Caroline!

"Do you know where she might be?" He asks me

"No but I'm working on it. It's a long story but I'm working with the guys who kidnapped me, the boss man kidnapped one of their members so they are going to help us" I tell him

"Can you trust them?" Keith asks me confused which I don't blame him

I look up at them, they are staring back at me probably wondering if they can trust me.

Do I trust them? I guess I don't have a choice.

"I don't know but it's the only option we have" I say looking away from the boys

"Okay I trust you know what your doing"

"But Im going to need you to figure out a way to find the boss address or someone that would know where he lives" I tell him

"Okay" he says determined

"We will find her" I say again "keep Jeffrey safe"

"Bring her home" he tells me, I will

"Bye" I say and hang up

I close my eyes for a second and take deep breaths to calm myself down, I look up at them and hand tom his phone back.

"What now?" Cody says to no one in particular

"There's nothing we can do now but get some rest and be ready" I sigh

"She's right tomorrow we get some answers" tom agrees

"I'll go make sure we have enough guns and ammo" Cody says getting up

"I'm going to go reach out to some people and see if they know anything" Michael says walking to the computer

I can tell no one wants to sit down and wait they want answers now.

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