Chapter 43

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"Hello Stefan" I breath out

I see him gulp trying to process everything, you can tell I was the last person he ever expected to see again.

"How?" He says mostly to himself still not believing it

"You know her?" The guy standing next to tom says to Stefan

Stefan starts laughing and shaking his head like he just heard a bad joke. "know her? I guess you could say we know each other huh Samatha?" He says getting irritated now

"What's going on?" Tom says breaking his silence and looking at me then Stefan

"She is very good at keeping secrets" Stefan says looking at Tom "who is this your new boyfriend?" 

"Stefan!" Is all I can say trying to warn him to not make me mad even though I can't do anything

"Why don't you tell him how we know each other" Stefan says smirking

No going back.

"Me and Stefan were together" I say slowly

"Yes and we were even supposed to get married"  Stefan glares

I see tom didn't expect this but he keeps his face neutral.

Yes me and him were together but I never really loved him it was mostly my father wanting us to be together. Stefan was the son he never had and he wanted Stefan to take over for him when he died. They were pretty close, but even though my father knew I didn't love him in that way he told me he didn't care that I was going to marry him one day when the time came. Me and Stefan actually were kinda good together we grew up the same way and showed little mercy in our line of work we were both heartless and we did find each other attractive but I just never could get myself to love him in that way.

"You have some balls showing up here" Stefan laughs at me

As soon as he says that I feel my face starting to pale and start feeling light headed, I start to put all the pieces together in my head.

I keep shaking my head hopping I'm wrong that maybe this isn't happening.

"Your father is going to be really happy to see you" Stefan says to me, our faces inches apart

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