Chapter 22

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I think I'm actually starting to like these guys which is weird because they did kidnap me, but it actually hasn't been that bad which is weird to say. I think they like me but I don't know though if it came down to it would they do what ever the boss says even if it means hurting me?

I knock on Joshua's door.

"Hey" he says opening the door smiling

"Hey can I come in? I made cookies" I say holding a plate of chocolate chip cookies

"Uh sure" I walk in and sit on the bed 

"What are you doing?" I ask

"Just reading" he shrugs sitting next to me

"Are you homeschooled?"

"Yeah I was I graduated early" he smiles

"So this has been your life" I say about being in the Mafia

"Yeah it's not as bad as you think" he says taking the plate of cookies

"Atleast you have tom" I give him a small smile, he nods "have you ever meet this boss guy?"

"No one has not even tom they only talk on the phone or texting"he tells me

"Is he in the Mafia too?" I ask

"Yeah all of the gangs are scared of him" he tells me

"So he just popped up out of nowhere?" I ask him confused

"Not really he's been in the business forever he's kind of a legend but then he disappeared and then he came back stronger and scarier than ever" he shivers

"Do you know anything else about him?" I say

"Just that he's a scary guy and he doesn't like to be disappointed or to be told no. I heard that he has a son who is just as bad as him there's even stories about him too he seems like a badass" he says as he eats one of the cookies

"So he doesn't tell you guys anything?"

"Sometimes he does" he shrugs

"So he told you guys to just keep me for awhile"

"Yeah until he tells us to let you go" he says still believing that he will just let me go so easily

Joshua remind me of Caroline so innocent.

"So is that who tom is always talking and texting too?" I asks him

"Yeah mostly" he shrugs

"When's your birthday?" I say randomly hoping he doesn't think anything of it

"May 5th" he shrugs eating a cookie, I nod

"Wheres that Christopher guy at?"

"He's probably crashing at someone's house or something don't worry he won't hurt you again" he tells me giving me a small smile

"Thanks" I give him a small smile back "but it seemed like him and the boss guy are kinda close"

"Yeah because Christopher doesn't have any morals and will do anything he's told to do no matter what"Joshua clenches his jaw, I nod not saying anything else about it

"Have another cookie" I smile sweetly he smiles back

I do feel bad about manipulating  this boy into giving me information but I'm desperate. I knew all I needed to do was make him some cookies or something and he would tell anything I wanted to know.

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