Chapter 50

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"Move" Kate mumbles in her sleep to Mary

"I can't then I'll knock Samatha off the bed" she mumbles back

"So?" Kate says

"Wow rude" I say half asleep

"Morning girls" Michael bust through the door scaring me and Macy off the bed

"Ow" I say as soon as Macy lands on top of me

We all glare at Michael who looks scared to death that we are going to come after him

"Anyway just wanted to let you know there's breakfast" he says quickly and shuts the door

"If he wasn't so cute" Macy mumbles

"Cute my ass" I say as I stand up

We all walk into the kitchen.

"Aww your so sweet Cody thanks for breakfast" I say as I grab his cheeks

"Yeah yeah" he blushes as he finishes cooking

"So you lived with all these guys this whole time" Caroline says  to me

"Yeah they cooked for me and went shopping for me and were shirtless half the time" I smile up at them

"Maybe I should of just got kidnap then" Caroline smirks

"It was basically a vacation" I shrug

"You do realize we are dangerous criminals" tom glares at me

"I know pumpkin" I love to annoy him

Caroline pulls me to the side "so are you and him?" She smirks

"What? No" I scoff but I know she'll be able to see through it

"He's pretty hot" she says basically drooling

"I guess if your into the badass model six pack flawless thing"'I shrug

"You like him" she squeals

"I mean He's nice" I don't know what to say

"He's nice?" She says confused

"Well he has his moments" I laugh

"Has he asked you out?"

"Well we kind of have a date sort of planned after this is all over" I smile

"No way" she jumps up and down "You guys would make such a good couple I mean your both gorgeous and you can kill people together the perfect match"

"Would like like some pancakes Caroline?" Joshua smiles at her

"Yes please" she smiles back

I watch as Joshua pulls out a chair for Caroline

"You know you never did that for me" I smirk

"O sorry" he starts blushing and pulls out my chair

"Now cut up my food" I tell him

"So you guys got a plan?" Kate asks us

"We should probably do that" I say in between bites

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