Chapter 4

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"Samatha wakey wakey, eggs and bacy" I hear Caroline say in a sing song voice

"I'm up" I say as I sit up

"Wow that was fast and your not threatening me" she beams "this is going to be the best day EVER" she squeals

"Yes it will be" I smile a small smile

"Okay you need to get your booty out of bed. We have so much to do" I try not to laugh at her saying booty she so innocent I love it

"Such a foul mouth you need to put a dollar in the swear jar" I laugh, she attempts to give me a dirty look which made me laugh harder and I wish I was  joking about the swear jar, I have put a lot of dollar bills in that stupid jar.

"Monica will be any minute" she informs me

"I'm up I'm up" i say getting out of bed

"Girls" I hear Monica voice as she opens the door

"Good morning" Caroline greets her and does a little curtsy

"Morning" I yawn

"Now we have a big day ahead I have the manicurist here and the hair stylist here so chop chop"

"Yes ma'am" Caroline says taking my hand and leading us down stairs

We get our nails painted to match our dresses and we both do our hair simple waves.

Monica also brought some people to do our

She did me a smokey eye and some lipgloss, and Caroline a natural look.

"I feel like a princess" Caroline giggles

"Tonight is going to be amazing" I tell her

"Someone's excited" she smirks

"I am actually"

It took us most of the day to get ready.

"You look great" I tell Caroline, she twirls in her dress laughing

"Thank you" she says with a curtsy "you also look great now do a twirl"

"Really?" I give her a look

"Yes it's fun" I do a little twirl for her she claps her hands together in excitement

"Okay girls your father and Mr. Jeffrey is downstairs" Monica tells us

We walk downstairs to where the boys are.

"You guys look very handsome in your tuxedos" I tell them. little Jeffrey looks so uncomfortable though he hates dressing up.

"Yes she's right you guys look distinguish" Caroline agrees

"Thank you. You girls look beautiful very grown up" Keith tells us

"Wait before you leave here's your masks" Monica walks over to us carrying some different masks

She puts mine on first then Caroline, the masks match our dresses.

"Okay now you gentlemen" Monica says

"I thought just the girls had to wear one everyone going to know who I am anyway" Keith grumbles

"O hush it's supposed to be fun" she says putting it on him

She puts Jeffrey's on.

"It's itchy" Jeffrey's complains

"Your welcome to take the rest of the evening off" Keith tells Monica

"Thank you but I will have to decline I have to much to do" she tells him

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