Chapter 47

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"You can come out Josh" I say but don't hear anything

I open the door to see Joshua head bleeding and Caroline holding a lamp while standing on the bed ready to hit him again.

"Yeah take that! " she says to him

"Caroline" I can't help but laugh

"Samatha" she smiles and runs over towards me hugging me "I never thought I'd see you again what are you doing here?

"I came to get you" I tell her trying to hold back happy tears

"By yourself?"

"No I got some back up but we need to hurry"

"Is he with you?" She whispers to me about Joshua

"Yeah" I snicker

"O sorry" she smiles weakly at him

"It's okay" he laughs

"Let's go" I tell them "o and you can leave the lamp" I tell Caroline

"O right" she tosses it on the bed

"Stay behind me" I whisper

"Are you a spy?" Caroline whispers

"Not exactly" I laugh

We make it downstairs to where tom and Cody are.

Joshua runs up and hugs tom, I can see tom trying not to get too emotional but I can see he's relief that Joshua okay.

"You okay?" Tom asks Josh

"Yeah" he nods

Tom looks at the fresh cut on his forehead.

"O that was her" Joshua points at Caroline

"Sorry again" she apologizes

"Cody take Joshua and Caroline to the car" tom tells him

I see Caroline look at me in panic not wanting to leave my side.

"I'll be right there" I promise her

Joshua grabs Caroline hand and tugs her outside.

"You find anything useful?" I ask him

"Not really" tom shakes his head

I look over to my right and see a camera in the corner, I know this is childish but I climb on top of the couch and flip off the camera before breaking it.

"Okay come on" tom laughs

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