Chapter 18

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I walk over to the vent in my room and put my ear up too it trying to listen to them talk, I can barley hear.

"What happened?" I think Cody said that

"She broke into the office and got into the desk" tom tells them

"How?" Joshua asks

"With a knife"

"Clever girl she probably saw it on some tv show" Michaels says, I try not to laugh because I don't watch tv

"Did she see anything?" Someone asks

"No i don't think so just some papers about her family" tom answers

"Is she freaked out?"

I think they moved rooms because I can't hear anything anymore.

And just so they know of course I'm freaked out they know every single detail about Caroline like her favorite food to her goldfish name when she was 2

And they have information about Keith, Jeffrey, Monica and everyone that works in the house but what I can't understand is how come they didn't know that I was living with him? I know I haven't lived there long but if they have all that useless information then how come they don't even know my name?

The next morning I hear a knock on my door.

"Morning" I hear Joshua say through the door "are you ready to come eat?"

"I'm not hungry" I tell him as I lay in bed

"We'll do you want to come out and watch tv or something" he suggest

"No I'm fine"

"O um okay" he says confused

I hear him walk off.

I don't feel like myself today I just want to stay in bed and mope.

I always have a plan and a back up plan, I never every get caught I don't let people boss me around anymore or take orders.

I feel like I'm back in my old life but not as bad at least.

A hour later I hear another knock at the door.

"Hey it's Cody do you want to play some video games?" He asks me

"No thank you I'm fine" I tell him

About 45 minutes later I hear another knock

"It's Micky let's go outside or something" Michael says

"I'm fine" I say once again

You can tell they don't know how to handle a hostage.

A few hours later I hear pounding at the door.

"What!" I yell knowing who it is

"Get your ass up and come down stairs now" I hear tom yell

"No thank you" I tell him

It's gets quiet maybe he left.

I hear the door unlock and tom walks in,I pull the covers over my face.

"Get out of bed" he orders me

"No i might be a hostage but you can't tell me what to do" I say but muffled because of the cover

"Yes I can" he says

I stick my hand out of the covers And flip him off.

"That's it I gave you a choice" all of a sudden he rips the cover off of me

"What the hell" I glare at him

He picks me up bridal style and carries me out the door.

"You can't do this to me" I try to get out of his arms but it's useless

We pass the guys who look shocked.

"Help someone" I say but they look like they are trying not to laugh "you guys are useless" I mutter

Tom carries me outside.

"Are you going to put me down now" I say irritated

He just smirks .

All of a sudden he stops and looks at me with a side smile.

"W-what?" I asks confused

He drops me and I land in water.

I didn't even know they had a pool.

I come up for air and yell "I can't swim" tom stops laughs

"Grab my hand" he says trying not to panic, I reach over trying to keep up this damsel in distress act yeah I can swim but the real Caroline can't but no one knows because she always sticks to the shallow end

I grab his hand and pull him in, it catches him off guard and he fall straight into the pool.

The rest of the guys are outside now and they all look shocked that I actually did that

I bust out laughing.

Tom come back up and looks at me

"Fooled yeah" I laugh "nice try" I give him a wink

He actually starts laughing "your in so much trouble" he swims after me, I squeal

"Cannonball" I hear Cody say jumping into the pool

Then the rest jump in.

Tom grabs me and spins me around making me giggle.

I turn around and face him still giggling .

He's actually smiling.

"You have a nice smile" I accidentally say out loud

"Thank you" I see him blush a little bit "Caroline I-" he starts saying but gets interrupted when Joshua and Cody start splashing us

"your so dead" I tell them trying not to laugh

"After you" tom says before we both go after them

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