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My Possessive Daddy (On Hold) [Taekook/Vkook] by TaeTaeshipper
My Possessive Daddy (On Hold) [ (Hiatus)
Jeon Jungkook is known for being so possessive over his property. Including Taehyung. And Taehyung began to notice it. He's Daddy is so possessive but can turn into a so...
  • babytae
  • killer
  • taehyung
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Bang! • A BTS Gang FF by skrraaa
Bang! • A BTS Gang FFby aaarrks
When Park Yuna finds herself in a horrifying situation, how will she cope with the consequences? (WARNING : Will contain violence, swearing, and some kinky shit. Have a...
  • bts
  • romance
  • undercover
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Master Of Feær by Rob_bitHop
Master Of Feærby BunnyMayvi12
At the age of five, Elizabeth Alberts' life was already bound to a man who's ten years older than her. Oh no! Not only was he older than our girl but he was the king of...
  • forcedmarriage
  • possessive
  • mysterious
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his plucked flower by DuskCity
his plucked flowerby DuskCity
• completed • She was just the silent girl, the girl with a broken past, the girl who was too naive and too innocent, but to him she was his world. #227 in Romance. 30/1...
  • innocent
  • plottwist
  • sweetness
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My Evil Angel (BWWM) by DamnNyla
My Evil Angel (BWWM)by DamnNyla
"Angel come to daddy." I called her over. I watched as she skipped towards me smiling as always. "yes sir." she said looking up at me. I held her wai...
  • bwwm
  • agegap
  • maturecontent
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Dear Bodyguard by laurakristin
Dear Bodyguardby laurakristin
If I had to use one word to describe her it would be lonely. Even though there were many people surrounding here, she was incredibly lonely. Her parents died in an attac...
  • badboy
  • innocent
  • bully
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His Best Mistake (Devils #1) by yashira_shakira
His Best Mistake (Devils #1)by Shakira and Yashira Martinez
When a one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy Sofia Smith doesn't know who to go to. she tried to find the man who got her pregnant but he is nowhere to be fou...
  • twins
  • badboy
  • new-adult
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Perfect Scars by mahumsheikh
Perfect Scarsby MahumSheikh
''How dare you step into my room after you have done?'', he fumed as he pinned me to the wall. His masculine scent reached my nostrils and I fought the urge to inhale de...
  • hot
  • mafia
  • crime
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Luciano⎪✓ by IAmEmmaHey
Luciano⎪✓by Emma
"Mariella, I'm going to say this one more time, leave this fucking room." He said lowly, almost in a growl. His green eyes had turned darker, and he seemed on...
  • heated
  • hate
  • possessive
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Running with His Child by ItsLayLayH
Running with His Childby ItsLayLayH
After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Little did she know, she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire. Wi...
  • washington
  • romance
  • ganglove
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Sold to a gang leader by Coridella13
Sold to a gang leaderby Coridella13
Living with her evil aunt and uncle, Miya has always felt alone. Haunted by her family's words and painful torment, she would rather live anywhere but there. Then her fa...
  • cordellia13
  • dead
  • love
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#1 in mobster! #7 in bad boy out of 114k stories! :o Michael was never the popular kid in school, but he wasn't the lowest on the social ladder either. Most of the kid...
  • mafiaprincess
  • mafiaboss
  • forbidden
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Mariano (Made Men #1) by NutInTheParish
Mariano (Made Men #1)by December
COMPLETED Isabelle Forte witnessed a murder, and was led straight into the arms of Mariano Rivera, acting boss of the Italian Mafia. With him, she further ventures int...
  • dominant
  • dominating
  • criminal
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Mafia Wars by KKLBOOKS
Mafia Warsby KKLBOOKS
Emilia Santana is finally summoned back to America after 4 years in Spain. Her protective mafia father sends her away in hopes to hide hear beauty but he realises she mu...
  • france
  • italy
  • spain
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Mafia's Lost Princess by Mxy_Fire
Mafia's Lost Princessby Mxy_Fire
Alessandra Serrano Sanchez is a girl. A girl that has the underworld in the palm of her hand. A girl that has suffered from the day she was born. A girl who is out for...
  • gangs
  • separated
  • twinsister
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Dangerous Hearts (BWWM) by Fatumaa_Lovee
Dangerous Hearts (BWWM)by Fatumaa_Lovee
He was danger. She was innocence. He was fire and she was the water that wanted to put him out. But what happens when his fire spreads and she ends up getting burned...
  • cheating
  • couples
  • sexual
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My Mafia Romance by Cherrylove12
My Mafia Romanceby Cherrylove12
Apollonia DiMarco is the quiet and polite homemaker in training daughter of Benito DiMarco. Benito is know all throughout New York for being ruthless and cold. But no on...
  • mafia
  • mafiaboss
  • sicily
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They Call Me Trouble #1 by Talanip
They Call Me Trouble #1by Permicy
Highest rank #1 in Teen fiction Awesome Cover made by @MaddAnds "When the good girl finally breaks" Skyler was always abused in school called names and looke...
  • bad
  • comebacks
  • girl
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The Don's unknown child by ProTy0
The Don's unknown childby Tyra Lodriqkes
Sixteen years ago Fiona Appleton left Samuel Bartolomeo after they had broken up because she was just there to help fulfill his manly needs and she could not stand that...
  • italians
  • stalker
  • unknownchild
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The Devil's Smile by jdb_ox
The Devil's Smileby jdb_ox
She knew he was bad news. He knew he was too dangerous for her. But they just couldn't stay away from each other, no matter how hard they tried. --- Meet 17 year old Al...
  • teenfiction
  • gangleader
  • romance
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