Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 27

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I'm really sorry this is late. I have a lot of stuff going on. It's hard to find time to do this. There are lessons I don't understand [Chinese (all the time)] There are also homework given that I find hard. (Chinese!) Yeah, even if I'm Chinese- Filipino, I suck at those subjects... Those are my lowest which is really ironic. I would normally say I suck at foreign languages but they are the languages spoken here too so that excuse isn't an option. I'll just do what most people do. Blame it on global warming. O_O Speaking of, please go to http://no2mininginpalawan.com/ Palawan is known worldwide for its biodiversity and beaches. Unfortunately, a lot of people want to mine here which means that the forests would be destroyed. Please, if you live in the Philippines, check out the site I copy/pasted here and sign your name. If you don't live in the Philippines, please still check it out. It doesn't only involve Filipinos. Fewer forests mean more global warming. Please support this! I know I am :)

PS. I would have posted sooner if it wasn't for my laptop that keeps erasing what I trype here. :|


I bury my face in one of my pillows and let out a scream.

Acting naturally is harder than I thought. The whole time, I wanted to run, screaming, out of there. It took everything I had not to. I even had to resort to some drastic measures and think of something else.

Math. And all the school work I missed. Damn. Why do they have to give so many? There are seriously like a stack of papers for me to fill up with my thoughts and wisdom. Ha. As if I have any. Maybe I can get lines from shows but I have to be careful to only get from not so popular shows. Or foreign ones. I wonder if Japanese shows could work... (Note: Do NOT do this. This is copyright thingy. Don't mess with people with money. They can do some pretty scary things.)

Oops. I almost thought lines was loins. That's embarrassing. Or it would be if I had said that out loud in public. Now it seems funny. And dirty. Don't forget the dirty part. Ew, now that's making me think of even more dirty things. Filter... filter...

When someone shouts, I jump a little as if caught thinking these things. That would be a very awkward talk.

Why, oh why did Ryan have to ask me if I wanted to go to the mall? Why did he have to be nice to me then? Couldn't he have been thoughtful when I wanted him to be? He just has to be my annoying brother who always does what I want only when I don't want it anymore. Actually, all my siblings are like this. Then again, they aren't always like that. They can be kind and considerate at appropriate times and why am I defending them? Of course they're annoying! They're my siblings, aren't they?

Wait, why am I even debating to myself? Did I hit my head that hard? Or did the doctors do something to me while I was asleep? Did they mind-rape me? Oh my gosh, is that even possible? I may be the very first victim! It's just dawning to me that in movies, the first victim almost always dies. I don't want to die. I haven't even had my first kiss yet. At least I'm innocent. Somewhat. Then again, I have seen those pictures of that model. OMG, that guy is so hot!

Okay, where was I? Sorry. Whenever I think of those pictures, I forget everything else... Oh, right. The mall.

I had no choice but to say yes unless I wanted them to suspect something and that's the last thing I needed. Well, other than getting rejected. Eh, I shouldn’t get my hopes up with that.

Then we passed by Saks Fifth Avenue and a clerk told us the new spring lines have just been released. Everyone was making reservations and appointments with their stylists to buy the clothes best suited for them. He said that if I didn't want to wait for a month for the new delivery, I had better buy it now. Not to mention that I would be out of fashion by then and mocked by those who are in fashion because I was stuck wearing clothes from last season since the new one was already out. Fashion was cruel and unforgiving. You make a mistake and you're out. You would be forever ridiculed and considered tainted.

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