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He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins...by Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
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  • fighting
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Used Eddsworld Condom by Sora31606
Used Eddsworld Condomby Gay Faggot who likes eddsworld
U dont even know
  • poopsock
  • eddsworld
  • porno
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Corn hub  by _toxisity_
Corn hub by Lil'los 😚😚
Everything you can imagine. We have it.
  • mature
  • sexscenes
  • hobo
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Fairy tail Mirajane x shy male reader by Hobo_writer
Fairy tail Mirajane x shy male rea...by H080-Wr1t3r
This is the story of a boy who was born into a dark guild with his siblings but was saved from the abuse by none other than fairy tails ace Gildarts Clive. Along the way...
  • hobo
  • shyboy
  • mirajane
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Masked Hero by kpgcatlover
Masked Heroby kpgcatlover
Tala Doe - yes that is her name, much to her despise - has a small problem. The town's hero. He's annoying, cocky, and shows up right when she doesn't want him to. She i...
  • masked
  • amazing
  • school
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Letters to Snape on how to Save a Life by staplesfan
Letters to Snape on how to Save a...by Kristin
Severus begins to recieve letter from a depressed student. Who she is, he does not know. Does he write back to her, and saves her life? Or does he resort to shunning eve...
  • umbridge
  • hogwarts
  • joke
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/A Knight at Kobayashi's/ Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid x male reader by Hobo_writer
/A Knight at Kobayashi's/ Miss Kob...by H080-Wr1t3r
YN LN is a knight from the other world, who came to earth for one purpose to hunt down and kill Tohru.
  • tohru
  • fafnir
  • elma
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The one he couldn't save- BNHA X Male Reader by Hobo_writer
The one he couldn't save- BNHA X M...by H080-Wr1t3r
Yn lived his lifed his life admiring heroes, until a villain taught him that he was dead wrong. My other book got deleted because of course it did, thought this would be...
  • starfire
  • hobo
  • xmalereader
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Hobo heart x reader  by xxyeaa-noxx
Hobo heart x reader by Ice swag and crap
_____ is not an ordinary girl. Hobo heart isn't an ordinary boy either. They meet one night and it's love at first sight.
  • horrorromance
  • magic
  • xreader
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Draco Malfoy's Reaction to Draco Malfoy Love Storys by redaardvarks
Draco Malfoy's Reaction to Draco M...by Kristina
I got a CERTIAN Draco Malfoy to read storys about his love life here are the hilarious reactions I got. Yes I do realized I called my own story hilarious.
  • watty
  • namekristinabatchxd
  • 2011
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The Raven Conspiracy by Hikari13
The Raven Conspiracyby Munira :)
The Raven Conspiracy The thefts, murders and secrets are only the beginning “It was only my first day, but I was ready to quit.” Working as an assistant to an investiga...
  • symbols
  • car
  • language
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Her Name Was Macie (First book in the series 'MATES') by Artist_530
Her Name Was Macie (First book in...by Victoria
Hi there! My name's Kourtney and I'm totally and completely madly in love with my little mate Macie. Yes, were both female werewolves, and I've already heard all of the...
  • tears
  • high
  • girls
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hobo heart x reader. Perhaps we value each other? by Demonica_The__Demon
hobo heart x reader. Perhaps we va...by Wolfie Wolf
just a little something that i have been thinking of for a while now. ive been listening to "heart has value" by Madame Macabre for a while now and it inspired...
  • hoboheart
  • hobo
  • heart
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One Punch Baby/ OPM X Baby Reader by Hobo_writer
One Punch Baby/ OPM X Baby Readerby H080-Wr1t3r
Saitama might be the greatest hero ever, but how good is he as a parent?
  • baby
  • hobo
  • onepunchman
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Heroes See the Light by ifyHT52
Heroes See the Lightby Maya
A Fan-fic based off of the amazing Percy Jackson and the Olympian series by Rick Riordan. A collaberation bewtween myself and three of my friends; this story is funny, i...
  • gods
  • nico
  • tam
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The Phoenix Thief by StaciaJoy
The Phoenix Thiefby Stacia Joy
Do not let the Watchmen catch you. Do not let the Chancellor find your notebook. Do not let the man in the long coat know you're alive. These are the rules Kilter has s...
  • invention
  • slavic
  • orphan
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The Road Trip by New_Bruise
The Road Tripby ❤️Cloey❤️
6 people 1 car Cross country --- When 6 people from different spectrums, decided to go on a road trip from California to New York, nothing could go wrong right? -- T...
  • carley
  • justin
  • popular
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Love on the street (pewdiecry) by insanity4ever
Love on the street (pewdiecry)by insanity
descripsion is on the first page! Cry is a hobo and Pewds help him and ends up having feelings for him. picture/people not mine!
  • cryaotic
  • pewdiecry
  • cry
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pictures of hobo johnson by MCR_is_life
pictures of hobo johnsonby Autumn Summer
pictures of hobo johnson
  • hobo
  • johnson
Falling Down by AshleyA
Falling Downby Ashley
Skye, a 14 year old girl is homeless, and was forced into the sex trade to make money. All she really wants is to build her life back up again, but it seems to only be f...
  • pregnancy
  • hookers
  • homeless
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