for forever; tree bros by slytherjn
for forever; tree brosby connor
"love can't save me." ⚠️ TW for suicide and mental illness
  • broadway
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Life of a Potato Cat by Nijineko139
Life of a Potato Catby Kaylin The Potato☆
A collection of the weird shit that happens in my everyday life
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Diabolik Little Sister (Diabolik lovers fanfic)  by lunaspirit88
Diabolik Little Sister (Diabolik Luna~~
Well Luna is the sister of the sakamaki brothers, she is very sweet and yet sassy. I do not own Diabolik lovers but I own my OC luna COMPLETED 23/07/17 OR 07/23/17
  • brothers
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HTF Oneshots by FreedomBean
HTF Oneshotsby ᏰᏋᖇᏃᏋᖇᏦ
Yes, this is a Happy Tree Friends series. This is gonna be veeeery interesting... Especially since the only characters I know a lot about are Flippy, Nutty, and Cuddles...
  • fanfiction
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The Man Of Trees (Natepat)  by StrangerBeing
The Man Of Trees (Natepat) by M'boi Oscar
(Note: I had a full description written many times and Wattpad kept deleting it. This is as good as youre getting. The real description will be in the book.) Two men mee...
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The Voices | Tyler Joseph x Reader  by maviaa-
The Voices | Tyler Joseph x Reader by @maviaa-
✔ COMPLETE ✔ (Y/N) (L/N) was called insane, not needed, worthless, not loved. Not by people, by voices. The voices in her mind. People didn't believe her; they said sh...
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Friends with the Babysitter (a Dear Evan Hansen Fanfic) by hamilfan123987
Friends with the Babysitter (a hamilfan123987
Connor's mother hires a companion--no not THAT kind of companion--like a friend, for him. Of course that friend is everyone's favorite Evan Hansen, the shy, quiet, anxio...
  • cynthia
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Promise by doriwritesanything
Promiseby dori
Who ever knew that something so wrong, something never meant to be, could feel so right? Could feel so.... Promising? After the war, Hermione Granger seemed to be the m...
  • neville
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Woah... Art (Note the Sarcasm) by Snowy-Fire-Fox
Woah... Art (Note the Sarcasm)by Pernicious Snowy
It's art!!! My art is not consistent with what it is. It could be any type of art because I don't have a constant pattern in what I make. :P The art here is all made by...
  • traditionalart
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My Randomness Capitalized || Rants and stuf by livintheupgrade-
My Randomness Capitalized || Millard
Oh my Gosh. I have another one
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The Treehouse by reyjedi16
The Treehouseby Miss Believer
Note: This isn't a remake of The Forest Fic, in case anyone was thinking that. After Jenna Black moves to Columbus, Ohio, she discovers a treehouse in the woods behin...
  • raspberryawards
  • depression
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Rule number 3... by AJ97622
Rule number AJ97622
Welcome to the lives of Kyle and Abby, their story avoids all cheesy cliches and is about how breaking promises will ruin lives, but they found this out at the cost unli...
  • plottwist
  • 2k18
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Stay In Place (Sing a Chorus) by tayloremilybooks
Stay In Place (Sing a Chorus)by Taylor Emily
Twenty Øne Piløts fanfic
  • imagination
  • tøp
  • tylerjoseph
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Photographic Memories by Blurry_face2003
Photographic Memoriesby Nain
An accumulation of random photographs that i keep taking whenever i feel like. *All of these pictures are taken by me. Please take my permission if you want to use them...
  • sky
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Fallen Angels by FangirlInTraining
Fallen Angelsby ForeverAFangirl
Phoenix, or Phea, isn't normal. She's known that ever since she was two, when both her parents died in a car crash. When she tried to fit in despite this, others didn't...
  • fallenangel
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-Dear Evan Hansen RP- by Apheistas1
-Dear Evan Hansen RP-by Comingoutagain
Haha first attempt at starting a RP book here we go.
  • roleplay
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Stuff by -MaelstromGalaxi-
Stuffby *+|| Galaxi ||+*
This book is very random. It contains swearing, hatred, vents, depression, and PRETTY huge moodswings. It also contains happiness, weirdness, and google translates. Dood...
  • trees
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Rule number 3... Part 2 by AJ97622
Rule number 3... Part 2by AJ97622
As the drama carries on, the well anticipated cliffhanger is continued. But as time progresses, Abby gets really bad PTSD and keeps having bad flash backs from the night...
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  • lauren
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DEH.Dear Evan Hansen Scenarios And OneShots by KendonTheGuyWhoGay
DEH.Dear Evan Hansen Scenarios Kendon.He-Him.Gay
Scenarios with~ :EvAn hAnSen WhO sPeAkS FoR tHe TrEeS :CoNnOr mUrPhY WhO wEaRs NaiLpOLiSh :ThE InSaNeLy kOoL JaReD KlEiNmAn :ZoE MuRpHy dOnT tOuCh HeR MilK :aLaNa BeCk...
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I'm Coming Home by Standing_With_Christ
I'm Coming Homeby WolfCreations10
A teen wolf named Loki wakes ups in her cell she's been in for six months. She's at Wolf Slavery Science Center, or WSSC. Her brother also was captured, but Loki still h...
  • romance
  • wolfcreations10
  • christ
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