Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 5

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 I'm baaack! Merry Christmas(belated) everybody! I was supposed to upload yesterday but we arrived home late so... Anyway, like I said, here's Keith's POV. Celene's past is revealed. I am warning you right now. There will be cursing here. Please comment, vote, fan! :)

This is Keith. Isn't he handsome? hehehehe.----------------------------------------------------------------->


Keith's POV

"Dude, where's my sis?" I nod towards the couch to my right where Andrew's eight year old sister is sitting, watching Upin and Ipin. I grimace and look back at Andrew who is rolling his eyes at me. "I noticed. I meant the other one." He says dryly.

I frown at him. "How should I know?" I say angrily, stopping myself from saying anything I will regret later.

"What's up with you? You're being unusually pissy." He pauses. "Let's talk about this in my room. This show is too damn annoying." He then runs up the staircase on my left. I sigh and run after him. I pass by Celene's door and for the first time since I've been here which was six years ago, there was silence. No music booming. No giggling and shrieks. Not even just plain talking.

"I had the same reaction. As soon as she arrived home, she ran and locked herself in. I found the door open and no one inside awhile ago. That's why I asked you. I guess she went back. I wonder what happened to her, though." He says worriedly. Now, I feel guilty. Wait, why should I?! She's the one who acted all bitchy to Rosalind all of a sudden. "Fine. Let's talk here. So what happened?"

I hesitate. This is his sister here, who did something wrong for no good reason. It's better to talk in the room. I walk inside, wait for Andrew to come in, and close the door. Then I fix my eyes over Andrew's head and tell him what happened with Rosalind. When I finish, I look down, only to see a really mad Andrew. At first, I think he's mad at Celene but then, he opens his mouth.

"Did you just say Rosalind? You took Rosalind's side?" He says with barely restrained anger, his eyes seem to flash. I have never seen him this angry. It's really scary. "The bitch who made Celene's life a living hell?! The one who pushed her off the swing when she was five?! The reason why she kept coming home, close to tears?!" I flinch at his tone. Did Rosalind really do all those? She seemed like such a nice girl. "She was also the reason why Celene would find herself being bullied all the time. Do you know how long and hard it took for us to build her self-esteem back up?! And you sided with her, you idiot?! Do you want her to try and kill herself again?!"

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." I hold my hands up in a calm-down manner. My mind is reeling. Celene tried to commit suicide? That's how bad it was?

"That's just it! You didn't know! And you didn't even try to!" I flinch again. That hit home.

"Look, Andrew, I admit I didn't but-" But what? Why didn't I? Then I realize something. "I guess she just looks so happy. There was always a smile on her face even when we boss her around."

Andrew nods. The anger is replaced with a deep sadness. I think I like the anger better. "She hides it well. She hates it when people worry about her and she does everything she can so that wedon't. Even when she came home with a new bruise everyday, she claimed she was just clumsy and fell or something. I wasn't until later on that we found out someone else was the cause. Imagine, an eight year old, same age as Louisa who complains at every little thing, lying to us so that we won't worry. Even if it meant experiencing what she did." He shakes his head. I walk to him and awkwardly pat his back as Andrew collects himself. I'm a little relieved he isn't crying. I have no idea how to deal with that.

Just then, the door bursts open and in comes Andrew's brother, Ryan. "Guys, what happened to Celene? This is the first time in EVER that there is no sound coming from her room. Either she was abducted by aliens or  something is REALLY wrong. As much as I want it to be the other one, I have a feeling it's the one I just said." He says this really fast. Despite joking, he really is panicking. Wow, I really am spending way too much time here.

Andrew sighs sadly. "This guy," he jerks his thumb at me. "sided with Rosalind. Bitch probably provoked Celene subtly."

Ryan looks at me with fire in his eyes. "You fucking ass-" He snarls at me but is thankfully cut off by a loud crash.

Alarm flashes on Ryan's and Andrew's faces. Then they breathe out a word or rather, a name. "Celene." They run out the room towards the sound. I scramble after them. Everything clicks in my head. Shit, the kitchen! Andrew shoves the door open and there, in front of the kitchen drawer, is the most horrible thing I have ever seen.

It's Celene with blood all around her, a knife in her hand covered in said blood. Her hands are dripping with it. Her shirt, now stained red and her hair, sticky and dripping red at the ends. Her eyes are wide with surprise. Then she does something that surprises all of us. She smiles.


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