Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 7

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I feel anger surge in me as Keith and Andrew laugh right outside my bedroom. They probably think I can't hear them.

How could they? They know I hate horror stuff! Then I remember. Damn it. I'm going to get them back for getting back at me. How did they do it, anyway? I walk out of my closet and see my cell phone flashing. So they changed my ring tone. When did they get close enough to do so? When I was in the shower?

I grab it and jump on the bed, turning in midair so that I lay on my back. I change my ring tone back to 'Tomorrow' by Mikuni Shimokawa. What? I like anime and this is the opening song of the first season of my favourite, Full Metal Panic. I memorize the lyrics already and can sing it with the song in Japanese.

I open the message. As expected, it comes from Andrew. It only contains one word. Gotcha. I roll my eyes and notice that there is no more sound coming from outside my bedroom. Darn. I could've opened the door and 'accidentally' hit one of them in the face. They deserve it. I have a feeling I won't be able to sleep well later.

My phone vibrates and I answer it before it even has a chance to start the song.

"Soooo, what happened? You okay? You just ran off as soon as the bell rang. Did he do something? When I get my hands on him, he's gonna hurt so much in a specific place, he won't be able to walk."

I laugh sourly. "Jess, as much as I want you to do just that, don't. Can we please talk about something else? I promise I'll tell you and Julie all about it when I'm ready."

"Sorry. Okay, change of subject. Hmmm...Oh! What are you going to be singing tomorrow for glee club?" Jess asks. My eyes widen. Shit. "You forgot didn't you?" I mumble a yeah and she laughs at me. "Why not 'Bring me to life' by Evanesensce? You sing it often enough. It's definitely your song. I would suggest your other songs but I don't think Mr. Simon will appreciate you singing a song he can't understand. For all he knows, you're singing a song that's basically all cursing. That would be fun though....Anyway, you don't need to worry about not having enough time to practice."

"Jess, you are a genius. Thank you so much!"

"I know." She says arrogantly. Then I remember something.

"What about the guy's voice?" There is a part where only the guy is singing. I need someone to sing it for me otherwise, there will be a long silence while I wait for the girl's part.

"Julie." Right. She can make her voice sound really low.

"Celene, get down here!" Ryan shouts from downstairs.

"Go." Jess commands, cutting off my apology. Then she hangs up. I disconnect it and go down the stairs but stop halfway at the sight of someone else. Someone with red and brown hair. I know only one person who has this kind of hair. But it can't be!

"What, you aren't gonna give me a welcome hug?" As soon as I hear his voice, I know it's him. I practically jump off the staircase in my haste. I think I did, actually, at one point. Then I hug him as hard as I can. "Celene, I just got back from the hospital. I don't want to go back anytime soon." I loosen my grip. I almost lost him once. I don't want to go through that ever again. I just stand there, hugging him, as he leads me to the couch. When he sits down, I do too, still clutching him. I bury my head in his chest and he strokes my hair.

You see, Brian was my best friend long before I met Jess and Julie but he had to move away. He moved back last year but got in a car accident. He was in a coma for six months. He had been running to my house to comfort me after my parents left. I blame myself even if no one does. Not even his family. When Bryan woke up, he said it was because he heard me crying out his name, begging him to come back. He was confined to the hospital for three more months since he broke a few bones.

Now, after ten months and his last check-up, Bryan is fully healed. The only reminder is the big scar on his chest where, previously, there had been a gaping wound where glass had cut him. The one month was spent at home, resting. I visited him everyday for those ten months. I was occasionally accompanied by Andrew, Ryan, Jess or Julie. I didn't allow Louisa to come because I didn't want her to see me when I am my weakest.

"Hey, it's okay. It wasn't your fault." Brian says soothingly in his deep, friendly voice.

I shake my head and clutch his shirt. "Yes, it is. If it wasn't for me, you would've been hit by that stupid drunk driver." I say, my voice muffled by his shirt.

"If it wasn't for you, I would be dead." He says softly.

I look into his clear blue eyes. "You wouldn't even have been in that situation if it wasn't for me."

"It was worth it." He whispers, smiling at me.

"Aw, look at the lovebirds. Isn't that cute? It looks like something out of a fucking cheesy movie." A voice, coming out of nowhere, says mockingly. "I hate cheesy movies."

Brian makes a move to stand up but I push him down and look into his eyes. Don't. I'll deal with him. I say with my eyes. We've been best friends long enough for us to do that. Then I stand up, look around to make sure we are the only ones there, and zero in on the offender.

"Keith, why don't you get a life? He got hit by a drunk driver. How do you think I'd react? Just think about it, you inconsiderate ass." I say sweetly. I don't care if this ruins my chances with him. All I can think about right now is the fact that he's saying those things to us. Keith looks shocked. He should be, considering I have never answered back to him or anyone else for that matter. Except for Rosalind, of course, but she's in a whole different category. That remind me... "Oh, and shouldn't you be trying to get on my good side? Expecially considering the fact that you sided with the stupid bitch then scared me half to death. I mean, I know that was Andrew's revenge but why choose that? Thanks to you guys, I most probably won't be able to sleep later."

"He did that?! Now, can I punch him?" Brian jumps up with fire in his eyes. Uh, oh. I shake my head no. Brian sighs. "Fine but if he does it again, I'll punch the living shit out of him." He turns to Keith who looks even more surprised. "Consider this a warning."

Keith seems to recover. No, wait, scratch that. I can now say with utter confidence that he does recover, judging from the smirk playing on his lips. "As if you can take me on."

Brian raises his eyebrows at me then turns back to Keith. Well, he's having fun. "Wanna bet on that?" He nods at keith.

Keith shrugs. "Sure. Just don't go crying to mommy when I beat you."

Brian's jaw hardens. I hold his arm and shake my head when he looks at me. He calms down but I can still feel the tension radiating from him. Why does Keith have to bring her up? "My mom is dead." Brian says coldly. Keith flinches and opens his mouth to apologize. At least I hope it's to apologize. Before Keith can say anything, Brian cuts him off. "I don't want your sympathy." Brian smirks and the tension disappears. That's good though I have a feeling this won't end well. "No matter how much you taunt me, it doesn't change the fact that I'll still beat your ass."

"Really? Because I thought there really is no chance for you to do that. Oh, wait. I'm right." Keith mocks even more. Brian looks at me, pleading me to let him punch the light out of Keith. "Celene, I almost forgot to tell you, you're really not good at singing. We know you're Simon's favourite student and we just thought if we did that for you, he'll give us a higher grade." I stare at him in horror as knives dig into my heart and gut.

"That's it." Brian growls. He is at the end of the couch, where Keith is, in the blink of an eye. Then he throws his fist at Keith's face.


Sooooo, do you like it? Brian was unexpected.... :D Honestly, I was planning to upload it way before but it was small so I decided to write more. It just so happens that my mom locked all the doors at home then left to go somewhere so when I arrived home, I couldn't do anything else so I wrote :) What do you feel about Brian? :)  Please comment, vote fan! :D

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