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My pet. // Boyxboy // Latex toy // smut by Masked__Mystery
My pet. // Boyxboy // Latex Masked__Mystery
A living latex sex toy, catboy story. smut is included,and there's alot of it. ~---------------------------------------------------~ "My own living sex toy? that's...
fnaf memes by YASQUEENANIME
fnaf memesby Laila Beach
memes from fnaf 1-S/L! You will enjoy this!
Tempted [Sequel to HNT] by biscuitmonster
Tempted [Sequel to HNT]by Biscuit
"I'm tempted to risk everything, to lose everything for you, because it's only been you, it's always ever been you" Max Evans in now a 23 year old man already...
Mike The Mongrel (Five Nights At Freddy's) by Colton_The_Great
Mike The Mongrel (Five Nights At Colton_The_Great
Just one final night, one more night to survive at Freddy Fazebear's Pizza, but he failed.Mike Schmidt failed to survive his fifth night at the damn place.He's officiall...
Out With The Old Comic by PikachuPlayer24
Out With The Old Comicby PikachuPlayer24
This is by a deviant art artist named Emmonsta. None of these pictures or this comic belongs to me. Please give credit to her for the comic. Thanks, and enjoy! (Scott Ca...
Compilation Of Boys Love Short Stories by MLNatan
Compilation Of Boys Love Short MLNatan
Boys Love Short Stories of actors, singers and boybands - from Korea, Thailand and China.
Five Nights At Freddy's Full Lore - It's Me by CRAZYLAME
Five Nights At Freddy's Full James Fitzgerald
My interpretation of the full lore of Five Nights at Freddy's. Many scenes are either inspired by, based on, or just are from: Creepypasta, and _the_steelest. The Story...
Springy's Adventure: Grand Opening by PikachuPlayer24
Springy's Adventure: Grand Openingby PikachuPlayer24
Presumably the last animatronic alive named Springy takes part in a museum about the past animatronics and their lives. He wishes he could have friends, but who would ev...
The Alone Girl by CarbonMoon
The Alone Girlby Abbie
Avery wants nothing more than to read in her tree away from people, away from the family that she ran away from but what happens when she meets the sweet and kind Alpha...
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Ultimate Custom Night Karakterleri ve Voicelineları by Luna_The_Kitty8
Ultimate Custom Night Luka Fisher
FNAF UCN/ AR Karakteri ve Sesleri
LITTLE WOLF by idoit4fun
LITTLE WOLFby **ash**
Nina Cox Must Date (Girl Power Series) by moudenes
Nina Cox Must Date (Girl Power Mara Oudenes
With the help of her best male friend Taylor, vintage toy seller Nina Cox opens a dating profile to comply with her family's dare to go on ten dates. Dating in the geek...
My Fallen Angel ( Buzz Lightyear x Reader ) Fanfic by ecstaticreads
My Fallen Angel ( Buzz Lightyear ecstaticreads
Sweet, young Bonnie owned many toys whose company she adored. Imagine how delighted Bonnie would be when you, a doll who looked exactly like an angel, arrived as a gift...
Toy by Ash-BTS
Toyby Ash-BTS
G-Dragon Fanfiction! 🖤 When you interview for a really good job, and you meet your boss. Things change. "Im not your fucking toy, Jiyong!" I cried as he bites...
Buzz x woody by mxxnrvcks
Buzz x woodyby 𝘔𝘰𝘰𝘯𝘳𝘰𝘤𝘬𝘴
A heartwarming story, enemies to lovers uwuwuuw
The bunny farm (Toy Bonnie x Reader)  by doveGurl1
The bunny farm (Toy Bonnie x Dove:) <3
The place was all lit up in fun bright colors, balloons everywhere, presents, and kids' loud laughter echoed from the walls. This place was more colorful that you rememb...
Changed My Life (Harry Stlyes fan fic) by GeorginaRB
Changed My Life (Harry Stlyes Georgina Styles <3
ONE GIRL, ONE DREAM AND ONE BOY… Georgina enters the X-Factor, she never thought she would meet the boy and band of her dreams, they come best friends but is that enough...
The dummy's dummy (mafia AU) Probably by Garetson_Prick
The dummy's dummy (mafia AU) Garetson_Prick
I sincerely do not own the dummy's dummy ofcourse it belongs to mochamura, but the AU story is mine... I love the comic thing alot... oh and sometimes I fix or change th...
Fake Friends Quotes by aprillelight
Fake Friends Quotesby Aprille Light
This book is all about your fake friends, when you read this I'll hope this book will let you know who your fake friends are :-)
Tiny: Amiibo!Lucario X Reader by IceFang88
Tiny: Amiibo!Lucario X Readerby Angel
It was a normal night. You had just bought a lucario amiibo, but you notice it went somewhere different when you woke up... When it reveals itself, things get crazy.