Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 19

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“Bring me to life by Evanescence.” I begin to sing but remember something important. “I need someone to sing the guy’s part” I see Keith begin to sit up. “Cain, do you know the song? Can you please sing it with me?” I say hastily. Keith plops back down on the seat, a hurt look passing on his face. Mr. Simon gives a start. Oh, I forgot Cain is his son.

“Cain? Why are you here?” He asks as Cain jumps up the stairs to me.

“Don’t think it’s for you. I came for her.” He nods at me.

I stare at the both of them in surprise. Why is Cain acting like this? I mean, if I had a kind, loving father who comes home every now and then, I would be happy. Assuming, of course, that Mr. Simon is one. For all I know, he’s like my own dad once he gets home. He doesn’t look like the type though.

They never do, whispers the part of me that watches too much TV. I shake my head to clear it of the cliché line.

“Don’t talk to me like that. I’m your father. You should respect me.” His mouth tightens into a grim line.

“Whatever. C’mon, Celene. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can leave.” I nod as father and son glare at each other. I start singing, desperate to end this. What this is, I don’t know.

Darn it. I should’ve picked a shorter song. With this awkwardness, the minutes seem like hours.

Cain’s singing is really good. I guess there is some of his father in him. I shudder, imagining Mr. Simon rapping. Oh, wait. That’s my cue.

“Can you be any slower? I want to get away from here already.” He says right after. The way he says it, though, it’s obvious he just wants to get away from Mr. Simon.

He flinches and tries to put a smile on his face to make it look like it just slides off of him. The smile looks like a grimace. The grimace grows. Okay, now he looks crazy. “You’re in, Celene. There is a meeting next Monday after school to officially welcome you. You may go.” I look at him in concern.

I really need to talk to Cain about this but I won’t do it today. I need to let him cool off. I wonder why Cain didn’t mention this to me. Then again, it would be weird to suddenly say he has problems with his dad. Still, doesn’t he trust me? I would understand if he doesn’t. I think. Probably not. But I should! We only met… I backtrack.

Whoa! I only met him yesterday! It seems so long ago. I can’t believe in such short a time, we became friends, I told him everything and I kissed him. Oh. My. God. I kissed him!  I have no idea what came over me! Why did I do that?! It is completely unlike me!

My face burns and I refuse to make eye contact with Cain. I mumble thanks to him and jump off the stage. “The more you try to keep him close, the more he’ll pull away.” I mutter as I pass Mr. Simon. He glances at me gratefully. Hey, watching a lot of TV has a lot of advantages too, you know. “Don’t expect it to be quick.” I warn.

“Celene! Where are you going?” Cain follows me.

I stiffen and I bet my ears are turning red too. I scramble out, shouting, “I’m late for my dance class.” Technically, I’m not lying but I still can’t stop the wave of guilt surging into me.  It’s not enough to make me turn back.  It turns out, I don’t need to.

“I’ll drive you!  I’m better than this jerk here. At least I don’t hurt you.” I turn to him and see there isn’t any malice in his eyes. He’s just stating a fact. I don’t even see his usual smirk. I glance around. Rosalind is rolling her eyes and looking bored. Mr. Simon is watching with unabashed curiosity. Keith is looking away with a pained look.

I turn to Cain again, mulling over it. He does have a point. Plus, I don’t really feel up to walking all the way there and if I skip another practice, I’m off the team.  What else can I say but, “Um…Thanks.”

He puts a hand on my back and steers me towards a small Honda. I get in the passenger seat when Cain opens the door for me. I squirm, not used to staying in the front. I feel like any moment now, I’m going to fly through the windshield. And that’s when the car isn’t moving yet. Ack, screw courtesy. I open the door again.

“I told you I’m not gonna hurt you. I promise you that.” Cain lays a hand on my arm and smiles at me. A tingly feeling spreads on that arm from where his hand is.

“But that’s why there are accidents. You don’t hurt me but I still end up in pain.” I say panicky.

I remember a scene from Zombieland where the lady flew through the windshield. I know she was going through something very emotional especially after seeing kids you know turn into zombies and trying to eat you but still. It could happen. The going through the windshield part, not the zombies. Oh, God, not the zombies.

I took a test once about how long I’d last in a zombie apocalypse and it said I would be one of the first ones to get eaten! I mean, yeah, I’d freak, not know what to do, pause to help someone,… Okay, so I guess I am dead meat. But…but I know martial arts! I know judo and a bunch of other stuff!

“Yeah but those require you throwing your limbs at the person or, in this case, zombie. He or she can catch whatever you’re flailing at them and take a chomp.” Cain says. I look at him in horror. Did I just say that out loud? “Yeah, you did.” Damn it! “You’re still doing it.” He laughs.

“This is annoying.” I pout, much to my chagrin.

“Aw, it’s okay. I like it. You’re being you. There isn’t any hidden side.” I blush. “C’mon and sit already. Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt.”

I take a deep breath and do what he said. I smile at him nervously. He starts the car and drives to where I tell him.

The thing is, the dance studio is kind of out of the way. I think my instructor said something about the city noise disturbing the students. Anyway, what I’m saying is we have to pass by this place where it’s mostly trees. This is where, at the last minute, we see the dog.


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