Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 28

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Hi! I know it's short but the I need it to end here because the next chapter starts with something new. :) The clothes aren't really from Gucci and they aren't for spring but I like them. I envy you if you have even one of them. ---------------->

I finished the memorizing. Apparently, Chinese was first period and I was called first. I didn't get to memorize the last sentence and I forgot half of the one before that. :| Then later on, we had a math worksheet and it was so hard! We only had like less than 20 mins to solve 4 questions and they were long...

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"Here is the new line! I hope it is to your liking?" Mr. Clark flung his arm out to the racks.

I stared. Then stared some more.

Oh. My. Gosh. I walked over to a rack and touched a dress hanging there. It was as light as a feather. I made my way to another rack and took out another dress. I had a feeling I would undergo a dress stage. The next hours were a blur of trying out clothes and making demands (requests when I talk to hot guy) to bring me some.

Hot guy had to attend to someone else when Mr. Clark noticed he wasn't doing anything. Such a shame. The girl he was attending to was pretty and thin but at least she needed serious help with her eyebrow. Yes, eyebrow and not eyebrows. Has the girl ever heard of tweezers? Obviously not. That's actually a good thing because if she did have her eyebrow fixed, she would be perfect and the rest of us wouldn't have a chance. Yeah, I'm insulting her because I'm insecure. Don't go hating on me because of that. I am only human.

I remember the guys got bored and left me there. I think they went to a restaurant. Maybe Starbucks. Well, I would know where they went if they brought something for me. Those gluttons.They only came back when I called them and said I was done.

The suitcases were just bought to get the others off my case about how much I was wasting the environment with all my shopping because where else would they put the clothes but in shopping bags?

Ha. I sure showed them.

They kept complaining about my spending too much but if they were so concerned about money, why didn't they watch over me? I mean, I didn't ask them to leave. They just did. It wasn't my fault they got bored. And since they were all about the environment, why don't they go and plant trees? Guys... I will never understand them despite the fact that I live and spend most of my time with them. Now that I think about that, it's kind of sad.

I know Brian really well but I only know him as a friend, not a guy. Well, there are some things about him that just screams manliness. I was never affected by it or understood why he acts the way he does sometimes. Oh well, there's really nothing I can do about it. It's the fact of life. Girls don't understand guys and guys don't understand girls.

Someone bangs the door.

I jump. Why do they keep making a racket? Seriously, it's getting annoying.

Someone knocks on the door tentatively.

Darn it! Now it's going to be noisy here too! I grab my skullhead headphones and put them on. I nod my head to an imaginary beat and ignore the inistent knocks on the door. They are quickly beginning to sound as if the someone is pounding on it with a fist.

Okay, both fists. Sheesh. Can't this person take a hint?

Finally, the pounding stops. However, right when I am beginning to think he or she gave up, it is closely followed  by the sound of the door being opened abruptly.

Damn. Should've locked that.

"Stop pretending you can't hear me, Celene."

Shoot. I've been caught.

"We need to talk."

F. The last thing I want to do with the last person I want to do it with. This day keeps getting better and better. Why does this have to happen to me?!


Weeeee! It's kinda obvious who the person is. I mean no offense to people with unibrows. :) I just needed something to make her more human and less a figment of my imagination. I needed her to have flaws :) Please comment, vote, fan! :D Oh, and please don't forget to say who you think is hot! :D If I get a lot, I would upload sooner and as fast as I can. :))

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