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Caught. by SpicyChcken
#1 Elena↞
[ Professor Sycamore X reader ] UNDER HEAVY EDITING! You're the honoured Champ of Kanto and the big sister of Ash. As some time passed and you decided to visit your brot...
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Remember? -A Pokémon Story- by popo1065
Remember? -A Pokémon Story-by popo1065
You're (Y/N) Sycamore, the 14-year-old daughter of Professor Sycamore, himself. The problem? You don't remember any of this. Almost two years ago, you were abducted by...
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Pokémon boyfriend scenario x reader by I1dont
Pokémon boyfriend scenario x readerby A bucket of hope
titel describes it's self right? The story might get a mature rating at a certain chapter if anyone wants that chapter.
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sycamore tree ღ zach herron by hydratedseavey
sycamore tree ღ zach herronby ℓιѕ☆
zach pulled the girl into a hug as jacelyn tucked her head into his neck , knowing this was where she wanted to be ««------( 🦋 )...
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Fire and Ice (Sycamore x OC) by GhostEye
Fire and Ice (Sycamore x OC)by Charlotte
Hailey Storm - the current League Champion of the Kalos region is losing her will to battle. Taking a break from the Radiant Room she visits her old friend, Augustine Sy...
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A Boy and His Dragon Book 2: Secrets and Lies Unraveling by LunarPlayer16
A Boy and His Dragon Book 2: LunarPlayer
This is a continuation of A Boy and His Dragon Book 1: The Journey Begins. It picks up exactly where the past story stops, so please go back and read that if you haven't...
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Off to the Alola region by TooManyFictionalMen
Off to the Alola regionby Emma
Augustine Sycamore X Reader Your adventures in the Kalos region are drawing to a close as you prepare to head off to the Alola region. It's time to say your final goodby...
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I Love You Fifty Different Ways [Professor Sycamore x Reader] by Fandomz_Fangirl
I Love You Fifty Different Ways [ Evangeline Hisahoshi
He loves you Fifty Different Ways
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Aeternum by KomadoriZ71
Aeternumby Komadori
By: ~Xavier [ Serie: Teleutè ; Lysander & Sycamore ~ Pokémon X/Y ] Tratto dalla storia: « "Clank clank" Tutto era perso. Ho fallito. Il mondo, il mio mondo id...
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Trashy Lysycamore Fanfic by XylotosTrash
Trashy Lysycamore Fanficby Xyloto Comix
This takes place a while before the events in Pokemon X and Y. I know I'm 459659736092 years late to it, but heck. There's no real plot, just a trashy gay romance betwee...
  • pocketmonsters
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  • lysandrexsycamore
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Abandoned Child [Professor Sycamore x Reader] by meloetta331
Abandoned Child [Professor meloetta331
A love story between you and Augustine Sycamore. //1 Chapter = approximately 800 words\\ Content: You were abandoned by your mother, adopted by a Leafeon. You'd known yo...
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Limitless by bubblyfrancii
Limitlessby Claude is best boy
[Various x Reader] Champions from all regions celebrate the 20th anniversary for being harmonious with their Pokemon! Opening a new resort in the seas of Hoenn, the Cham...
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Yandere! sycamore x reader by Burboo
Yandere! sycamore x readerby Sizzie Dragmire
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Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney. The R Case. [Under Edit] by Lana0307
Professor Layton and Phoenix Lana0307
Professor Layton and Luke travel to Paris to help Inspector Vergier catch the Rhythm Thief, Phantom R. They meet a young detective, Lana Hope. Phoenix, Maya, Pearls, Tru...
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Pokémon: The Next Champion by Flameice2
Pokémon: The Next Championby Pyre-Z
It all starts when a young boy is given a Riolu by his father and sets out on an amazing journey...... Disclaimer: I only own the story line, Jace, and his parents. All...
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Sycamore Fanfic by BloodroseGunn
Sycamore Fanficby Bloodrose Gunn
A young girl, Sarah, who is 20 years old is swimming one day in her normal life when she spots a mysterious glow. When she goes to touch it, she get transported to anoth...
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Estrellas en Alola. by Litleolii
Estrellas en Un litleo con café (ฅ`・ω・´)っ☕
Después de los sucesos en Kalos y la guerra que desató Lysandre contra la región, la profesora Sycamore es llamada por sus asistentes para que ayude en la investigación...
  • sina
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  • dexio
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30 Days of GentryShipping ~ Diantha x Sycamore by lil_steph
30 Days of GentryShipping ~ Steph
GentryShipping - Diantha x Sycamore A collection of 30 short shippy oneshots which all have a different scenario, written over 30 days. Challenge created by @everythinge...
  • professor
  • lumiose
  • gentryshipping
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pokèmon shitposts, i guess :) by serpentditty
pokèmon shitposts, i guess :)by orochimarufucker69
so,,, i wrote a joke thing and i just want to make you all suffer. if i write something shitty and pokemon related it goes here (lmao cover credit to @hausmalasadastore...
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The Professor's Little Sister by ATL_midnight44516
The Professor's Little Sisterby AOT Kitten
I didn't want to become a hero, I didn't want to be betrayed. All I wanted was to be known as something other than the professors little sister. That was all I wanted...
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