Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 23

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I hope you guys like this! I kind of had writer's block. I still do, actually. :D At least concerning this story. Sorry. :| But I have a new idea for a story. It goes like this:

Jake Connor lives a normal life in the dorm where he lives. Girls are paying close attention to him and guys envy him. His past is behind him and all Jake is looking forward to is the weekend. Then he starts getting visions of the fire that killed his family. It was said to be an accident. As the visions persist, he finds it isn't so. What happens when he realizes the girl who helped him on the day of the fire looks almost exactly the same as the arsonist?

Please tell me if you want to continue. :) Oh, I almost forgot. I'll be out on vacation for 2 nights and 3 days starting sunday so I won't be able to upload until then. Sorry! :( Anyway, please comment, vote, fan!


Cain’s POV

There is a stunned silence.

“Haha. Very funny, Celene. You can cut the act now.” Brian says, laughing nervously.

“If this is your revenge for my revenge, you win, okay? Just stop this.” Andrew says worriedly

“What are you talking about? Who are you people?” She frowns in confusion.

I give voice to what we’re all thinking. “This isn’t an act. She really can’t remember.” I feel a wave of emotions. Despair and guilt. Dread and fury at myself.

This is my entire fault. I did this to her and now everyone has to pay for it, I think to myself. I sob and head to the bathroom, vaguely registering the questions an aggravated Celene is shooting at us.

I clutch the sink with both hands for dear life as if I’m falling. Inside, it feels like I am. I rub my eyes and glance at the mirror. I laugh with no humor. This is the first time I look as bad as I feel. I put my head in my hands. A memory resurfaces of dad yelling at me, saying I always run away. Well, I’m not running now.

“We better introduce ourselves. Get this done. Maybe the quicker we do this, the quicker she gets her memories back.” They nod and Louisa clings on Andrew’s leg. They compose themselves.

“I’m Andrew. This is Ryan and Louisa.” He points to him and raises his leg, carrying Louisa with it. “We’re your siblings. I’m the eldest. “

Celene nods then frowns. “I know our parents are total jerks.”

“Do you remember anything else?” Keith asks eagerly.

“Actually, that’s all.” She says, glancing at him. “I have this weird feeling when I look at you.” I notice Brian stiffening. What’s up with him? “It’s like I can’t decide whether to slap you or hug you.” Silence then Brian clears his throat.

“I’m Brian. I’m a childhood friend of yours.” He squirms, not really comfortable with all this. Then again, no one is.

Suddenly, Celene’s two friends burst inside. The girly one shrieks and I wince. The other one thumps her on the head. She ignores this and hurries to Celene. The tomboy-ish one follows her.

“Are you okay?” Brian whispers in their ears and their eyes widen with shock. She hesitates. “I’m Jess. This is Julie. We’re your best friends.”

Celene smiles then stiffens. “Keith, can you please come here. I remember something about you now.” I see Brian glare at him as he walks to her. As soon as he is within her range, she slaps his face. We all look at her, stunned. “That’s for dating Rosalind. Such a shame ‘cuz I really liked you.”

“Yes! I knew it!” Andrew fist pumps the air and we all turn to him. He shrugs. “What? I’m not that dense. There were a lot of signs, you know.” Keith looks at the floor guiltily.

“I’m sleepy. Goodnight!” She yawns and stretches then closes her eyes. Not long after, her breathing deepens and she’s asleep.

“You knew?! Why didn’t you tell me?!” He asks Andrew.

“Ryan and I found out for sure when we saw her reaction to the whole you-dating-her-worst-enemy thing.” He answers nonchalantly. Then, sarcastically, “And it won’t be awkward to suddenly say, “Hey, I think my little sis likes you. Have you seen the newest episode of How I Met Your Mother?”

“You have a point there.” Keith says thoughtfully. I roll my eyes.

“What will you tell her if you weren’t dating the witch?” Ryan asks.

I see a glimpse of a sad look pass his face then nothing. I must be imagining things. Keith seems to actually think about it. “I don’t like her the same way, I guess.”


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