Kill me Gangleader by Flirtyflower01
Kill me Gangleaderby Flirtyflower01
Someone walks into the room but I cannot see its face. It looks like a man and by the look of his posture, he seems very important. "Why were you in my territory...
  • depression
  • kill
  • anger
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Rescued by ChickenOfAwesum
Rescuedby Lindsey
"Do you know the punishment for betraying me?" Ace's low voice echoes through the night as I catch a glimpse of his gun in his hand. I avert my eyes to the gro...
  • episode
  • featured
  • mafia
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Territorial Men 1: Colton Altaraza by MsGrainne
Territorial Men 1: Colton Altarazaby MsGrainne
WARNING: Mature Content | SPG | R-18 | SYNOPSIS: Pride of Philippine Navy SEAL-Colton Altaraza is known for being beast in underwater swimming. On his last mission befor...
  • villa
  • air
  • romance
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Gang Leaders Girl is Back In Town by xBibliobibulix
Gang Leaders Girl is Back In Townby ♛ M ♛
It's round two for twenty three year old Noah Carson.
  • gun
  • teenfiction
  • completed
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tawan_v liked your post! by theyoungestoftwo
tawan_v liked your post!by Lilly
@tawant_u: can Tay just like... stop being the prettiest boy alive? my heart is too weak for this :( tawan_v liked your post! tawan_v followed you! @tawant_u: GUN TAY...
  • petekao
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It's A Love Story / Prince Harry Of Wales | ✔ by logicallyright
It's A Love Story / Prince Harry Carli Collins
A love story between Harry of Wales and Juliana White,the love of his life.
  • history
  • diana
  • conspiracy
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Forceful Love by DancingRainDrops1
Forceful Loveby DancingRaindrops
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date a complete stranger? Me either, at least not until I was. Walking around the mall that June day was the biggest mi...
  • romance
  • dangerous
  • dark
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Undercover Lies by LipglossSlays
Undercover Liesby Marie
"Would you not do that, Cupcake?" He moaned. "Cupcake, really? We escalated to pet names?" I said annoyed. "Well you haven't confirmed your name...
  • spies
  • kidnap
  • gun
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Lavender [Completed] #Wattys2018 by Be_a_freaking_women
Lavender [Completed] #Wattys2018by 🗝☄Bad Wolf☄
Highest Rank: #2 In Live. "Haven't you learned yet?" She tilted her head to the side, smiling gently. "Learned what?" I whisper, feeling the hand hol...
  • gun
  • murder
  • passion
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Lookism X Reader by ShadowTakerZero
Lookism X Readerby Zero
Having started to really get into web comics I decided to dedicate an xreader book to them, but I've only had the desire to write for Lookism so here's a book-full for y...
  • xreader
  • goojoon
  • crystal
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Rich Kids Don't Die | Featured by poemsforming
Rich Kids Don't Die | Featuredby aliza
A Wattpad Featured Story. 6th in Adventure. | HER LIFE'S BIGGEST ADVENTURE BEGINS IN DEATH | Maddie Dominic is at the top of the food chain in the world of riches and...
  • richkids
  • millionaires
  • greekgodsandgoddesses
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Trap Queen. by radiatings
Trap olivia kay
Compton changed everything. In Riverdale, I used to be able to walk outside at night without having to worry about anything happening to me. I could walk outside i...
  • street
  • goddess
  • lit
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Let Me In (Laurence x reader) by SelenaE9876
Let Me In (Laurence x reader)by SelenaE9876
He held the gun up to my head as I did the same. We were both breathing heavily. A devilish smirk formed on the idiotic brunet's lips in front of me. "Too bad I ha...
  • aphmau
  • murder
  • laurence
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A Dangerous Innocence by HaveFaith101
A Dangerous Innocenceby D h a n aღ
{C O M P L E T E D} Ask yourself this, how long does it take to fall in love with the man of your dreams? And I don't mean good dreams... I mean Nightmares... Leah...
  • tyler
  • danger
  • nina
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Changing Roles - Puppy honey (Pick X Rome) by LiliMartinez17
Changing Roles - Puppy honey ( Liliana ñ_ñ
Rome from the beginning was honest with his feelings towards Pick, however he only rejects him in several times... After seeing Pick with that girl and a discussion wher...
  • 2moons
  • puppyhoney
  • badromancetheseries
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Mr. Bad Boy Saved Me by _BeautyandTheWriter_
Mr. Bad Boy Saved Meby Jazmyne
I watched Reese lips move as he read out the contents of the letter, then I watched everyone's faces as they took in the words that were coming off the paper. As I looke...
  • badboy
  • girl
  • boy
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Mated to My Killer by VansWearinChick
Mated to My Killerby z
Phoenix; a badass werewolf hunter. After one mission gone wrong, her dad forces her into a temporary retirement. She unknowingly moves into the center of the Wolf Claw P...
  • betrayal
  • spy
  • beta
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The Bad Boy And I   | ✓ by BookLove_xoxo
The Bad Boy And I | ✓by Mystery Girl ♕
Highest ranking #1 Being the invisible good girl always satisfied Bella. But that doesn't mean she has no friends. She does have a group of friends, they're not less th...
  • teenfiction
  • wattys2018
  • sweet
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Mafia's Baby Girl by kumari1234
Mafia's Baby Girlby Avi✔
#14 in general fiction on 21/4/17 A very different story of a ruthless mafia and an innocent girl. If you are thinking that I'm just blabbering and it'll be just the sam...
  • mafia
  • story
  • shimla
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☆ Rebirth ☆ by Musix4life
☆ Rebirth ☆by S.N.F.B.S.J
My life was being controlled since small. I let it be. My fate was being decided by others hands. I let it be. My body was being used for others benefit. I let it be...
  • reborn
  • mafia
  • smartfemalelead
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