Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 11

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I'm SO sorry I am uploading late! I originally planned to upload after the interaction the day before yesterday but I had a really bad headache. So bad, in fact, that I had to sleep at 7pm. 7! I even missed dinner! FOOD! :(( Then I woke up at 10 the next morning so I slept for 15 hours straight and I was STILL sleepy. My brother even teased me, saying I was becoming a human version of Snorlax since after I woke up, I ate then ate more then I became sleepier...Now that I look at it, it DOES sound like Snorlax. Curse you! Whoever you is... Anyway, I was trying to post yesterday but when I went to the add a new chapter, it just kept saying it was loading. For the whole day! I'm not joking. I kept reloading it but the same thing happened :| Oh well! At least it's working now :D Can you guys, if you have the time, please check out my new story, "Captiol Child"  It's a Hunger Games fanfic. Going back to this story, please comment, vote, fan!


I glare at him. Man, I hate this guy.He's such a jerk. He's the taking-candy-from-a-baby kind of jerk. I open my mouth to tell him this but he is already turning to Nazi.

He kneels down and messes Nerf addict's black hair lovingly. "How are you doing, sport?" The kid jumps into Jerk's arms. I blink at the brotherly affection. I didn't know he has a heart. He certainly didn't act like it especially after--

"She's screaming at me because I don't know who Stitch is, Cain." Future soldier says into Cain's shirt. 

"Not knowing Stitch is unforgivable. He must pay."

He laughs and I frown even more. Who knew frowning so much gets uncomfortable? "So is being that stinky." He replies. "You know, there is somehting called deodorant. Use it."

"I would've if my sister didn't decide to play with it."

"What did she do with it? Did she use your deodorant and perfumes to experiment?" At my pointed look, he stops laughing and his expression turns dibelieving. "How do you know?"

"The smell in my room. That may be what you're smelling. Wow, that's repetitive." I realize.

I hear a buzz then a girl purring Jerk's name sluttily. Ugh, have they no shame? Jerk moves Connor's hands and walks to the intercom. Connor hugs me, seeking comfort, and I pat his back. So much for brotherly love. I cover Connor's ears. "Yeah, just leave your brother for that whore. It's fine, really." I say, sarcasm dripping from my voice. Cain just stomps away after telling the slut he'll be right down.

"He always does that. Leave me alone for a girl, I mean. I don't know why he likes them. They're mean and say stuff to me that's not nice." Connor says in a tiny voice and looks up at me with big eyes. "But you're not even if you shout at me because I don't know who Stitch is." I immediately feel bad for the kid.

I kneel down and hug Connor back. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. I'm sorry that--I'm so sorry." I murmur as the boy cries into my hoodie. "Hey, I know! Since we're done for the day, why don't I show you who Stitch is?" I say after a while. He looks up at this and nods, smiling a little. I grab a tissue and make him blow his nose on it before leading him to the black couch in front of the TV. I plug it in and turn to Disney Channel. We are in time for the Stitch movie. As we watch, I point out some stuff about Stitch and, I admit, squeal a little. What? He's so cute! Just as Stitch says he'll be staying with Lilo, Mr. and Mrs. Simmons announce they're home.

I barely notice them thanking me and saying I can go until someone tackles me to the ground. I look down and see it's Connor. He looks at me. "Come back tomorrow, 'kay?"

I nod and smile at the kid. "Well, I guess we'll be seeing you soon if you don't mind." I assure them I don't and reluctantly say goodbye. What can I say? Got attached to him. That does tend to happen when I talk about my favourite cartoon character. We do have something in common after all. I'm not talking about Stitch.

I run to my house, hug Andrew and Louisa (Revenge is stinky!) then jump in the shower. I just stand there for a few minutes, letting the water relax me. After deciding I'm wasting enough water, I wash my hair and body then dry myself. I grab my shorts and my favourite loose long sleeve shirt which might as well be a short dress due to being stretched so much, then I turn the lights off. I jump into the bed, immediately getting engulfed in the softness. I burrow into my blanket and hug the Stitch with the big head Keith gave me last year during a fair and the normal Stitch Brian gave me.

Keith was nice to me before. I mean, the very Stitch I'm hugging cost him $63! It took him nine tries to win it and he refused to give up even if I told him it was fine. The memory of this is still in my mind as I drift off to sleep.


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